Holiday Notecards

Holiday Notecards

These pretty notecards let your child express his creativity. They also make a welcome and useful gift.

☞ What You Need:

Colored paper, pictures of items on one theme, glue, scissors, envelopes


Demonstrate, and then invite your child to follow these steps to create his own set of notecards:

  1. Fold a piece of colored paper in quarters. Check the envelope size. If needed, trim the card to fit the envelope.
  2. Cut and glue on pictures.
  3. Decorate the card by cutting around the edges. Cut a wavy edge or cut out little snips (optional).
  4. If the cards are a gift, make a set of six or eight and tie them together with pretty ribbon or yarn. Be sure to include their envelopes.

Notecard Ideas:

Decorate with pictures of flowers, trucks, cats, dogs, horses, hearts, airplanes, herbs, cars, candy, paintings, clouds, insects, fish, birds, or buildings.

Decorate with colored marker, yarn, snippets of colored paper, scraps of fabric, or stickers; or dried flowers, leaves, seeds, or grasses.


Our daughter loves frogs; so one year we made her a set of frog notecards for Christmas. Using magazine pictures of vibrantly colored frogs, we put one large frog on the front of each card and a tiny one inside. Sometimes we added a lizard or snake for variety. While Angela received these cards as a gift, she in turn made a set of colorful chicken cards for some friends who raise chickens.

Holiday Notecards

Download the PDF: Holiday Notecards

Talita Paolini

Talita is the mother of Christopher and Angela Paolini, whom she homeschooled with her husband, Kenneth.