Apple Book

Apple Book

Fall is here! And what better way to encourage observation skills than with the many varieties of apples that are available. This project guides your child in the study of this fruit, by taking note their differences and then draw them. Young children write the name of the variety, while older students compose a descriptive paragraph. Keep it fun by inviting him to do one page daily until he has enough for a booklet.

☞ What You Need:

Half sheets of plain paper, construction paper, lead and colored pencils, hole punch, yarn, (apple stickers or pictures, optional)

Older children: lined paper, glue

✩ Activity:

  1. Set out a selection of different varieties of apples. Ask your child to inspect them carefully. Discuss how their shapes, sizes, colors, and markings are similar or contrast with one another. Smell and taste them.
  2. Invite him to draw a picture of one variety on a half-sheet of plain paper.
  3. Have him write the apple’s name beneath the picture. (Older children write a description of the apple—what it looks, tastes, and smells like——on half-sheets of lined paper.)
  4. Suggest he choose another apple and repeat steps 2 and 3 above (or do one variety per day) until he has completed several pages. Add a colorful construction paper cover, punch three holes down the side, and bind at the side with yarn. Older children arrange pages so the picture is on the left and the written page is glued onto the right facing page.
  5. Have him write “Apples” on the cover, and then decorate it with apple stickers, pictures, or more drawings.

If your child is interested in making only one page, ask him to draw the apple, then cut it out and glue it onto a sheet of construction paper. Have him add the name of the apple and decorate the piece with more apple drawings. Display on a wall.

apple book


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Download PDF: Apple Book

Talita Paolini

Talita is the mother of Christopher and Angela Paolini, whom she homeschooled with her husband, Kenneth.