Circle Prints

Circle Prints

Circles are all around us. We see them in rings on our fingers, cookie shapes, the bottoms of lampshades, and on the rims of drinking glasses, cake pans, and bowls. This paint- and-print activity invites creative exploration of the shape. Invite your child to see how many circle shapes he can find around the house, then make these fun Circle Prints.

☞ What you need:

Cans, bottles, and lids of different sizes; tempera paint, styrofoam tray, newspaper, white or colored construction paper

✩ Activity 1:

  1. With your child, look at the different-size circles formed by the tops and
    bottoms of cans, bottles, and lids. Show him how to trace them with his fingers. (Be careful of sharp edges.)
  2. Place a styrofoam tray on some newspapers. Pour some paint onto the tray. Set out a sheet of construction paper. Choose one can and dip the bottom into the paint, then press it onto the paper. Invite him to continue printing with a variety of different cans, bottles, and lids.

Variation 1:

Use two or three different colors of paint.

Variation 2:

Invite your child to try overlapping the circles. The space created by overlapping two circles is called the intersection. Encourage him to make lots of intersections, then count them together.

Variation 3:

Show him how to create a flower by printing a small circle (with a small bottle lid), and then stamping a ring of circles around it to form petals. Draw a line for a stem. Invite your child print a field of circle flowers on construction paper.

Circle Prints-pnet

Download PDF: Circle Prints

Talita Paolini

Talita is the mother of Christopher and Angela Paolini, whom she homeschooled with her husband, Kenneth. Visit her website,, for more information about her educational techniques, helpful resources, and links to buy her books.