Crossword Puzzle


Crossword puzzles improve language and critical thinking skills. They are also a fun way to reinforce study of a specific topic, such as a person, event, or thing. Make your own crossword puzzles themed on subjects your child is studying or invite him to make some of his own.

Designed for older children, this puzzle also makes a great do-it-together project for a group. Watch for words that relate to aluminum.

2. Type of oxidation, particularly on iron
3. Aluminum baseball ____
7. Aluminum is ____, not heavy
8. Synonym (means the same as) for dirt
10. Fix a ____ of hot chocolate
11. Person who mines minerals
13. Color of aluminum
14. Long and narrow; resembling a line
16. Thin sheet of aluminum
17. Shapeable

1. Opposite of smooth
4. Element abbreviated Al
5. Traditional American Indian shelter built of poles and hides
6. Opposite of dead
9. To combine with oxygen
12. You hear with your _____
14. We ____ the candle
15. Everything; rhymes with fall
16. A lie

crossword puzzle


2. Rust
3. Bat
7. Light
8. Soil
10. Cup
11. Miner
13. Silver
14. Linear
16. Foil
17. Malleable

1. Rough
4. Aluminum
5. Tipi
6. Alive
9. Oxidize
12. Ear
14. Lit
15. All
16. Fib

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