Ciruelo Cabral and Donato Giancola

We’re excited to showcase the work of Ciruelo Cabral and Donato Giancola, two of the artists whose pieces were featured in the Collector’s Edition of Eragon. You can purchase prints using the links below.

Donato Giancola: Ambush in Du Weldenvarden

© Donato Giancola

© Donato Giancola

Donato is one of Christopher’s favorite artists; a print of Red Sonja hangs on the author’s wall.

Commissioned for the Collector’s Edition of Eragon, Giancola wanted to capture the urgency and movement of Arya, Fäolin, and Glenwing’s desperate flight from Durza and his Urgals in Du Weldenvarden. For that reason, the painter chose to depict the scene from above, thereby giving the viewer an overview of the action. Click here to purchase prints.

You can also check out Donato’s creative process while painting another work, The Mechanic, here.

Ciruelo Cabral: 10th Anniversary of Eragon cover

© Ciruelo Cabral

© Ciruelo Cabral

Ciruelo is another of Christopher’s most admired artists—a framed print of Hobsyllwin, The White Guardian hangs on his office wall. Christopher loves Ciruelo’s dragons, so he was thrilled when Ciruelo agreed to create the cover for the Collector’s Edition of Eragon. The result is stunning, don’t you think? To purchase prints, email Ciruelo or one of his vendors.




Ciruelo Cabral: Eragon and Saphira

© Ciruelo Cabral

© Ciruelo Cabral

Ciruelo also captured a likeness of Eragon and Saphira. After two preliminary digital sketches, he made a pencil drawing. He then created a dragon-shaped stencil to protect the appropriate areas while painting the surrounding landscape. Once that was finished, he brought Saphira’s form to life and used his son, Angelo, as a model for Eragon.

On viewing the final version of Eragon and Saphira, Christopher commented that few artists can so beautifully capture the relationship between boy and dragon. You can watch Ciruelo in action in the videos below. To purchase prints, email Ciruelo or one of his vendors.




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