Q&As with Christopher: The Most Popular Questions of 2016

Aurora Borealis, Iceland

In collaboration with Alex Vivaut of Eragons.com in Spain, we asked Christopher the most popular questions of 2016! Curious about if there will be another movie? Want to know the current status of Book Five and the new science fiction novel? Will your favorite Inheritance Cycle love affairs end with a happily ever after? Find out below (Christopher’s answers are in italic).

Is there going to be a new Eragon movie?

I hope so! Hollywood is a strange and unpredictable place, which means it’s hard to know for certain what projects may actually see the light of day, but I’m pushing hard for a remake of Eragon. It would be wonderful to see a faithful adaptation of the story up on the big screen.

Are you going to write any other book based in Alagaësia?

Of course! I’ve plotted out a whole bunch of new stories set in Alagaësia, including Book Five! First, though, I have to finish my current novel (a big science-fiction epic). I’m writing as fast as possible.

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Q&As with Christopher: Writing Advice, Eragon Controlling Spirits, & Tenga

These questions are drawn from Christopher’s recent AMA on Reddit. We’re reposting them here for folks who haven’t seen them yet.


figgen: How many times did you go through in your mind how the final battle scenes in Inheritance would pan out? Is this something you knew from the get go, or did you approach it as soon as you started Book 4?

I probably ran through the final battles several thousand times while I was writing the series. Most of them I had a pretty good idea of how they would play out. Some of them, though, I had to actually write to figure out how they would work (Roran’s confrontation with Lord Barst, for example).

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Q&As with Christopher: Memorable Experiences, Oromis and Bowie, and Scrying a Changed Place



@Patajamon32: When do you plan to write Book 5?

Christopher: Not until I finish with my other writing projects. It’s something I definitely want to write, though!


Rider_of_Moonlight: Can you tell us the gender of the main character in the new Science Fiction Project?

The main character is a woman.

Aeduh: I’m intrigued about your FTL travel theory for your next book. When will we know something about it?

I probably won’t release anything about the FTL until the book itself comes out. However, I’m thinking of writing a pseudo-scientific paper at the back of the book, explaining the underlying principles. Might be fun. 😀

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News on Christopher’s Sci-fi Project!

At last: the long-awaited update on Christopher’s progress on his science fiction novel, #TSiaSoS! We are all anxiously awaiting news of a publishing date and a link to pre-order, but we’re not quite there yet.

Christopher is in the middle of working through the story to refine and improve the plot, develop the characters further, and generally make the book the best it can be. Revision can be the hardest part of writing a novel—after a year or more crafting each paragraph with care, finally typing “The End,” and printing out the manuscript, it’s done, right?! Nope. Now it’s time to review, reflect, and revise.

So when do we get the book? Well, once Christopher has finished the first go-through, trusted advisors will read it and offer their thoughts, and then the book will be sold to a publisher—who will also propose changes. Between editing, designing, printing, and marketing, the earliest #TSiaSoS could be available for purchase is next year.

Rest assured, you won’t be bored during the wait! We’ll have awesome behind-the-scenes content, updates on publishing dates, and themed exclusives for fans on Paolini.net throughout this process. Check out the video below where Christopher details some of the brainstorming necessary to write a good science fiction book:

As always, thank you for your support and stay in touch!

Immanuela Meijer

About Immanuela Meijer

Immanuela is the Paolinis' executive assistant.