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December 2004

Seasons Greetings!

It is finished!

The final section of the manuscript for Eldest is finally off to my editor, Michelle. What a relief! I feel like I’ve been juggling a dozen brightly-colored balls, each an idea or plot point that must be caught and set in just the right place. I feel elated, exhausted, and a bit anxious . . . all at the same time. I have been working on this project since I penned the first words three years ago. Long have I held this story in my heart; soon I will entrust it to you.

While the first draft is completed, my work is not yet done. During the next few months, Michelle and I will work to clarify the descriptions and dialogue, eliminate pesky unneeded words (like pesky), and make sure the plot, characters, and story elements are consistent. Like a newly forged sword, Eldest must be polished and its edge honed before I present it to you.

This year I traveled to England, Ireland, and Scotland. I was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman, and I’ve visited with many of you while on book tour in the United States, at Comic-Con, and at the Maui Writers Conference. I look forward to meeting many of you again during my fall book tour for Eldest. And I have a feeling that exciting news will be released regarding the Eragon movie and video game.

My dad has collected links to Eragon fan sites from around the world. We thought you might find them interesting, so I’m including a few below. Every so often he brings one up on his computer screen and says, “Christopher, look at this!” I am always amazed. Thanks to all my readers, fans, and publishers who have worked on these sites!



  • (site no longer active)


May your swords stay sharp, and may you soar on dragon wings into the New Year!

Christopher Paolini

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