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February 2004

Hello everyone! This is my first post of what will become monthly updates on news about Eragon, what I’m currently up to, and my progress with the all-consuming project of my life, Eldest, which will be published in Fall 2005.

I thought that I would begin by giving you a brief overview of some notable events of the past few months and what’s upcoming:

The biggest piece of news is that the Fox 2000 studio optioned Eragon for a movie. Whee! I’m delighted because the thought of seeing Eragon on the big screen is really incredible.

In addition to working on Eldest, I’ve also been working with my editor on a special edition of Eragon that will be released this fall. It will include quite a bit of information on the ancient language and the dwarf language, a brief dissertation on the origins of the names in Alagaësia, another piece of art by me—Zar’roc or Saphira flying—and an exclusive fold-out map of Alagaësia. I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

Last month I went to the UK on a promotional tour—my first time overseas. The Random House UK staff was absolutely wonderful, and all of my signings and events went flawlessly. One of the highlights of my visit was getting to see the His Dark Materials play, by Phillip Pullman, in London. It was a great adaptation of the trilogy, with a great cast . . . Lyra couldn’t be better, and Timothy Dalton plays Lord Asriel! Also, I got to meet Garth Nix—we had a joint photo shoot for a Glasgow paper—which was an incredible treat because I had just read, and thoroughly enjoyed, the Abhorsen series.

The strangest event of the tour happened in Dublin, when I was interviewed on television by Dustin the Turkey—a hand-puppet. I had a five-minute segment between various children’s programs. I suppose that you have to be interviewed by a turkey at least once in your career. Dustin even interrogated Ireland’s prime minister at one point! I say interrogated because Dustin tends to shout.

I’m at home until February 27, and then Knopf is sending me back on tour in the US to ten cities for two weeks. I look forward to meeting some of you along the way!

Once I get back home, I will be concentrating on writing Eldest!

May your swords stay sharp,

Christopher Paolini

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