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February 2005

Greetings dear friends,

Yesterday I did a short interview for a radio station in Mexico. I was amused to see that the producer’s name was Hugo Palancares. Like Palancar Valley. Like John Jude Palencar, who created the stunning cover art for Eragon and Eldest. It’s an unusual name, but it seems to keep popping up.

My life as a writer swings between two extremes, solitary and very public. As editing on the manuscript for Eldest progresses, I can finally see the end of this project, closure to the lonely task of transferring my vision to paper. And on the horizon, I sense the swirling activity of the Book Tour for Eldest.

Thinking back to my last book tours, the many airports and hotels become a blur. It is faces that I remember. The girl and her father who drove three hundred miles to my event; Mike and Robbie, young men who created fabulous Eragon web sites and ; the boy who carved an Urgal horn dagger, the fellow who invented an Eragon board game, the woman who loved the story so much she drew detailed pictures of the characters, and the many invitations to the senior prom!

And I look forward to meeting You. As soon as my schedule is set for the next tour, I’ll let you know where I’ll be. One event I do know of happens early next month. I’ll be speaking and signing books at the San Antonio 2005 National Renaissance Conference on March 5. While the event is only open to librarians and educators, the book signing is open to the general public.

Meanwhile, I remain cloistered with my computer and Eldest.

May your swords stay sharp,

Christopher Paolini

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Christopher Paolini is the author of the international bestsellers Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, along with Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia. He resides in Paradise Valley, Montana, USA.