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September 2008

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings Friends!

In just a few days—September 20thBrisingr will be released! I can hardly wait for you to read it; I think Brisingr is the best book in the series. Hopefully you’ll agree.

Right now I’m preparing for the upcoming book tour, which involves lots of running around, frantic calls of “Have you seen my red notebook!” and last-minute trips into town to pick up supplies. Tours are a huge change from my everyday life; one week I’m sitting at home at my desk, the next standing in front of a group of people talking to them about my writing. Still, it’s fun and rewarding to meet some of the people who have made this incredible experience possible for my family and me.

An interesting piece of news: The Japanese translation of Brisingr is so large that the publisher is going to split it into two volumes, as they did with Eldest. Since they don’t want the same cover on the two volumes, they have commissioned John Jude Palencar—the artist for the US covers—to paint one of the Lethrblaka for the second volume. The Lethrblaka, you’ll remember, are the Ra’zac’s steeds and parents. I think this is fantastic. John has always excelled at painting dark, scary things (he’s famous for his H. P. Lovecraft art), so I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

In Eldest, I implied that Saphira and Thorn were the first two dragons Jeod had ever seen. However, when I was in the middle of writing Brisingr, I realized that I had made a slight mistake with my timeline, confusing two different dates with similar numbers. Jeod traveled with Brom after Saphira’s egg was stolen from Galbatorix’s treasury, and the two of them certainly would have seen Morzan’s dragon, as well as dragons of the other Forsworn who were still alive. Oh well. I do my best to make sure that the Inheritance cycle is internally consistent, but the story has become so large and complicated, it’s easy to forget a detail here or there. I try to correct such mistakes whenever I find them or whenever they’re brought to my attention. In this case, I have changed Jeod’s dialogue on pg. 664, eighth paragraph of the hardcover edition of Eldest to read:

Then Jeod moved on to Saphira and bowed to her. “My entire life, I cherished the hope that, one day, I might see the rise of a new generation of dragons. I am indeed fortunate that my wish has come true. However, you are the dragon that I wanted to meet.”

The new lines will appear in the most recent printings of Eldest.

It didn’t seem necessary to publicize the tweaks I’ve made before, but I felt this one was important enough to bring to your attention, since it contributes to the overall structure and integrity of the series. (For those who are curious, I’ve made numerous small changes to the first two books since their first printings: mainly fixing the occasional typo, but also smoothing a description here or there, repositioning an accent mark on a word in the ancient language, and even . . . well, I’ll leave the other changes for you to discover.)

I spent so long writing Brisingr, I’m looking forward to getting out of the house for a while, giving some presentations, signing lots of books, and meeting some of you in person. And, of course, I can’t wait for you to finally find out what happens to Eragon and Saphira.

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

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Christopher Paolini

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Christopher Paolini is the author of the international bestsellers Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, along with Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia. He resides in Paradise Valley, Montana, USA.