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February 2010

Kvetha Fricaya. Greetings Friends, and a belated Happy New Year!

The holidays were unusually busy. Most years, my family and I spend a quiet time at home, but this year many friends came to visit.

Since the New Year, I’ve been working with renewed determination to finish the manuscript of Book Four. The story is unfolding much as I’ve always imagined, but, as usual, I find myself adding scenes I hadn’t anticipated when I plotted out the book beforehand. Although it has taken me longer than I hoped to get my vision on the page, I think it’s been worth it. This is going to be the most exciting and action-packed book of the entire series.

Last week I watched the Doctor Who specials from last year. Wow! For those of you who follow the travels of the Doctor, you may have caught a reference to him in Brisingr. This year brings a new actor to the role of Doctor, and I look forward to seeing how he portrays him. He has a big scarf to fill.

I recently spoke with John Jude Palencar, the cover artist for the Inheritance series. He told me that he’s been painting the green dragon for the cover of the fourth book. I can’t wait to see it once he’s done; John is immensely talented, and I always enjoy seeing how he interprets the creatures from my world.

This is going to be a newsworthy year for the Inheritance cycle, with a lot of big announcements coming up. As always, and will post the latest developments.

Now, back to the book for me. At the moment, I’m in the middle of a really interesting section. It contains a one-sided game of knucklebones, an evil assassin, bags of flour, a water-born battering ram, streets lined with lead, a knife in the back, and the death of a character.

Yes, I’m killing someone off. Horrible, isn’t it?

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

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Christopher Paolini

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Christopher Paolini is the author of the international bestsellers Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, along with Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia. He resides in Paradise Valley, Montana, USA.