Christopher’s Twitter Q&A: Sci-fi Book, Book 5, and Inheritance Galore!

Christopher participated in a live Twitter Q&A with his followers, answering over 130 questions. Check out his exciting answers below:


@Aleeh_bd: What are you doing these days? On which project are you now?
Christopher: Working on a sci-fi book right now. It’s going really well!

@Charliepe4100: When will your new sci-fi novel be out?
Christopher: As soon as possible. 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy it!

@SamuelTolbert: Any news on the sci-fi novel you are working on? Even hints?
Christopher: “’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves/Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;”

@NolanHolley: Where on the scale in terms of “hard” sci-fi is your current project?
Christopher: 8.5 on the hardness scale, where 1 is DRAGONS IN SPACE! And 10 is a physics textbook. #ihope #fingerscrossed

@Jamaha3: What’s the first word of your new book?
Christopher: “the” … but it’s subject to change.

@Mattrosenberg: What POV will your next book be in?
Christopher: Limited third person. 😀

@Fierengraw: Are you planning to use pre-chapter epigraphs in your new book?
Christopher: Ha! No, it would break the POV too much. However I do like them.

@Atarianne: Would you ever make a crossover between Eragon and the book you’re currently writing?
Christopher: That would be rather difficult, I think. 🙂

@MojoMagic3: Which sci-fi books would you most recommend us to read to get hyped for your sci-fi novel?
Christopher: Dune, Starship Troopers, Hyperion (and sequels).

@MaryGryff: Do you intend to go on a world tour with the release of your new book?
Christopher: Maybe. That’s partly up to the publisher.


@Luigi_atlante: Will you ever write a new Eragon book? We miss your characters!
Christopher: Yup! I have Book V all planned and plotted out! Just have to finish my other projects first!

@WildandPredsFan: Is your next Inheritance Cycle book going to also take place in Alagaësia and with Eragon and most of the same characters?
Christopher: Alagaësia, yes. However, there’ll be some new characters … and many old characters.

@TSD_Adler: How long until we get to visit Alagaësia again? Whether that is in a book form, or in a movie.
Christopher: As soon as possible, I hope!

@Studdlylxuis: Are you going to write one or more books in the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Heh. I have sooo many stories planned. *evil grin*

@guz4pack: Have you considered writing a book detailing what happened before and up to the Fall of the Riders?
Christopher: Yup.

@VZsuzska: Are you planning to write books about wild dragons?
Christopher: Not at the moment, but maybe someday!

@ProjectONI616: Will Book Five be a continuation of the story or a prequel?
Christopher: Continuation, though I may write a prequel at some point.

@SuryHern: Can you tell us a clue from Book 5?
Christopher: Light and shadow shall meet in an epic battle. Bwahahaha! #ineverjokeaboutstories

@Andigarmendia: Can you give us a hint about Book 5?
Christopher: Everyone in Alagaësia has overlooked something really, really important with regard to the new peace they hope to establish.

@Corbyn66: Will the new book feature Eragon?
Christopher: Great question! … No comment.

@Cjb3839: Do we get more of Roran and Murtagh in Book 5?
Christopher: Heh. I’ll take it under consideration.

@Baker2Justin: Did Eragon ever find love?
Christopher: You’ll have to read the next book to find out!

@Laurel_Deer: Will the tension concerning the possible romance between Eragon and Arya by the end of Inheritance ever be fully resolved?
Christopher: No comment. 🙂

@LunePotter: Will there be Eragon/Arya moments in Book 5?
Christopher: I can’t spoil it, but I think you’ll enjoy Book V. 😀

@Studdlylxuis: Any dwarf or Urgal Riders going to be introduced in Book 5?
Christopher: Maaaybe. 😀

@angry_ra: Will we ever know Murtagh and Nasuada’s future?
Christopher: Yes.

@EStewart_23: Will we ever find out what the seven words were that Brom whispered to Eragon before he died?
Christopher: Yes.

@Tflynn: Will we ever find out about the new land Eragon sails off to? What about the Grey Folk?
Christopher: Yes and yes. 🙂

@NarcysDope: Will we find out more about Angela’s master Tenga and the possible idea that there is another race of humanoids out there?
Christopher: Yes.

@MaryGryff: Will Roran take an important place in the reconstruction of Alagaësia?
Christopher: Of course. As Lord of Palancar Valley.

@JudgeThyNot: Will we ever find out what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon?
Christopher: Yes.

@MaryGryff: Are we going to see more about the new Dragon Riders’ training? Will Eragon train them by himself?
Christopher: He’ll have some help from the elves, remember.

@Luisjimeneez: When are we going to know the names of the remaining Foresworn?
Christopher: Somedaaaay!

@Ras2193: Does the land the humans and Ra’zac came from have a name?
Christopher: Of course! (Not that I’m going to say it here. :D)

@RaeBode19: Does Elva have anything to do with Eragon after the happenings in Inheritance?
Christopher: No comment. 😀

@ChagartyNZ: Who was the woman blessed at Angela’s request?
Christopher: The subject of another story.

@CainTrain_19: Can you give us more details about the lands the humans first came from and why they left?
Christopher: It’s something I’m saving for future books. 🙂


@GarmDrottning: What is the best about the fandom?
Christopher: Your amazing enthusiasm and devotion. Thank you!

@RaeBode19: What is your favorite moment in the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Yikes. Don’t think I could pick just one!

@Potterwoodtmf: How did you feel when you finished Eragon?
Christopher: Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Exhilarated. Nigh incoherent. . . . You know, the usual.

@AzucendaDG: Did you miss not writing about Eragon once you finished Inheritance?
Christopher: Very much so.

@Starkosaurusrex: Since you foreshadowed the ending of the last book in the first, did that mean you already had all the books planned out?
Christopher: Of course. And I’ve already set up a whole bunch of stuff for Book V in the cycle. 😀

@Camtheman526: Looking back, are you happy with how you ended the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Yup!

@Luisjmeneez: What do you think of the people unhappy about Eragon and Arya not ending up together?
Christopher: I understand their point of view, but obviously, I think I did what was best for the characters and the story.

@Calebdixon_usc: What was the hardest ending to write: Eragon’s, Roran’s, etc.?
Christopher: Eragon’s.

@DonRam_: Why couldn’t we get an Eragon and Arya kiss just once?
Christopher: Because it would have broken Arya’s character. But their story isn’t over yet! 😉

@Bluedragon0110: How did you find such great names for your characters?
Christopher: Real languages/cultures. My invented languages. Word play (sapphire/Saphira).

@DragonKonig: If I remember correctly, Angela had “the sharpest sword” or something. Could it cut a Rider’s sword?
Christopher: I don’t know! Let’s find out!

@AnyaKylash: Is Angela a Time Lord who enjoys ambiguously messing with the politics and people of Alagaësia, especially Eragon?
Christopher: It’s a good theory, isn’t it. 😀

@MemyselfandIan1: Is Angela the most singularly powerful humanoid in your books? If not, then who?
Christopher: Eragon’s the most powerful in terms of pure energy, but I’d rather fight him than Angela.

@Starkosaurusrex: Why is Angela so mysterious and feared? Where did she come from and where did she get her skills?
Christopher: It’s a mystery, isn’t it?

@elsaabyrd13: Will we ever know Angela’s backstory or who she is?
Christopher: You’ll learn a lot more about her. But every answer I provide will only raise three more questions!

@Rice_Penguin: How did Angela and Solembum meet?
Christopher: THAT is a story for another time and another place.

@PoeCoe23: Could Angela have changed her name and appearance and actually been Eragon’s mother Selena?
Christopher: Implausible but not impossible. After all, is there anything Angela *can’t* do?

@AloneHorizon: Do toads exist?
Christopher: You really should ask @Angela_Paolini

@WitchChild_Elva: I think the general public would like some Elva fun facts. Please.
Christopher: She once watched a man stub his toe and fall, and she didn’t intervene. And it made her happy.

@Ryanjhowson: Did you plan the Roran storyline from the beginning?
Christopher: Yup.

@DanielScott21: After the events of Book 4, anyone could become a Rider if chosen. Could Roran in particular learn magic/be a Dragon Rider?
Christopher: He could, but it’s unlikely at this point.

@Sth60493: What was your inspiration for Roran?
Christopher: I tried to imagine a tougher, more grown-up version of Eragon.

@Sam_qu: How did you come up with all of the swear words Roran uses?
Christopher: I actually have a dictionary of old slang. That and I made up a few. Fun times.

@AlphaLarka: In the first book, what was included in the letter Brom left Roran?
Christopher: Advice on how to live a good and useful life, of course.

@ChagartyNZ: Don’t you worry that the true name of the Ancient Language is like god modding?
Christopher: It is, and it’s a problem. That’s one reason, among many, why Eragon had to leave.

@Sam_qu: Does one’s true name change as they change? Can Eragon return because his true name changed?
Christopher: The name doesn’t change your future per-say. Who you are changes your future choices, though. As for the latter . . . That’s a great question, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

@SereLeaf: Do you think that Murtagh would think of going to help Eragon with the new Riders?
Christopher: I’m sure he would, but I’m equally sure he wouldn’t do it anytime soon after the end of Inheritance.

@OverlordMorzan: What would happen in the event of a Dragon Rider being disciplined by his or her master?
Christopher: Depends on the offense. You might have to apologize, or clean something, or build a mountain out of snail shells.

@Ras2193: Was Rhunon was born in Alagaësia or she came from Alalea?
Christopher: Alalea, if I remember correctly.

@Rice_penguin: How old are Alana and Dusan?
Christopher: Old for humans, in their prime for elves.

@Mattrosenberg: Who do you fancy is prettier, Arya or Nasauada?
Christopher: I think a man would be lucky to win the affections of either of them. Can’t pick favorites.

@LaceyUp: When did Arya start falling in love with Eragon?
Christopher: Love might be too strong of a word at the moment, but when Eragon started to see her as an individual.

@Rice_penguin: In your opinion, what is the creepiest creature in Alagaësia?
Christopher: The lonely Ra’zac who stays up late in his den, cooing to his pet burrow grubs. *skree-skree* *skree-skroo*!

@SassySaraC: What was your thought process/inspiration behind the Ra’zac?
Christopher: Crickets are terrifying.

@Sharksfan_loz: Whose leadership style do you respect the most?
Christopher: Nasuada’s.

@Luisjimeneez: Who do you think would win in a fight, Galbatorix or the Hulk?
Christopher: Shruikan.

@G_nunpa52: In their prime and with no magic of any sort, who would win in a sword fight: Morzan or Oromis?
Christopher: Oromis. Dude, he’s an elf. You can’t beat a high elf master even if you are a Rider!

@Rice_Penguin: How did you come up with Blagden?
Christopher: Dunno. He just seemed right.

@Rice_Penguin: Do unicorns exist in Alagaësia?
Christopher: I actually had a unicorn in the first draft of Eragon. But I cut him. Who needs unicorns when you have dragons!

@OverlordMorzan: How old was Morzan when his dragon hatched?
Christopher: Late teens, like most human Riders.

@OverlordMorzan: What did Morzan do before he became a Rider?
Christopher: Not much. He was pretty young (like Brom) when a dragon chose him.

@OverlordMorzan: What’s Morzan better with, magic or Zar’roc?
Christopher: He’s equally good.

@MercenaryMother: Did Selena ever do anything just to anger or annoy Morzan?
Christopher: Yes. And the consequences were dire.

@OverlordMorzan: Did Selena get along with Morzan’s dragon?
Christopher: To a degree. I think she was rather frightened of it.

@OverlordMorzan: How long were Morzan and Selena together before they married?
Christopher: Not that long. Inside of a year.

@OverlordMorzan: How did Morzan and Galbatorix meet? Was Morzan already feeling unhappy and rebellious?
Christopher: Morzan was a bully, and Galbatorix exploited that.

@OverlordMorzan: Any background information on Morzan?
Christopher: Morzan once carved his name into the back of Galbatorix’s throne, and Galbatorix never found out. 😀

@Juani0_0: When you created Arya’s character, were you in love with someone?
Christopher: Ha! No.

@Sinoestastu: Who are your favorite and least favorite characters in the Cylce?
Christopher: Saphira, Elva, Nasuada, and Roran are favorites. Arya I had difficulty writing, but I still liked her.

@ShurtugalTCG: Who is your favorite dragon in the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Saphira!

@Andrewcochell: What’s your favorite color dragon?
Christopher: Purple.

@Femmestorm: Is there anything you took out of the books that you regretted having done so later?
Christopher: Not really, although there are a few things I later wished I’d put in!

@Rice_penguin: How soon into writing Eragon did you start drawing the map of Alagaësia, Brom’s ring, etc.?
Christopher: Map when Eragon and company left Palancar Valley. Saphira’s eye when the book was done. The others much later.

@Cmurzua: What is the main difference between you and Eragon?
Christopher: I’m a little more like Roran and Murtagh than just Eragon.

@Andigarmendia: If you could live in Alagaësia, would you like to be a Dragon Rider?
Christopher: Of course! Who wouldn’t?!

@Darnitdarnit: Have you ever come across or drawn a 100% satisfying image of what Saphira looks like to you?
Christopher: Not the dragons. No one (including me) has managed to capture the sparkly scales.

@RaeBode19: What was your biggest source of inspiration for Eragon and the subsequent books?
Christopher: All the fantasy books I fell in love with growing up. Too many to list!

@ShurtugalTCG: What was your most satisfying part of the Inheritance Cycle to write?
Christopher: The beginning . . . and the ending. 😉

@AydinSaribal: Can you write a book similar to The World of Ice and Fire but for the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Have you checked out Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia?

@Sth60493: How did you realize you wanted to and had the vision to write the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Heh. I wasn’t sure I could write until I actually did. But I knew I wanted to at fifteen.


@Sth60493: How do you feel about the overwhelming support to reboot the Eragon movie?
Christopher: Really impressed. Seriously, it’s having an impact. You’re all the best!

@Luigi_atlante: Would you like to see another Eragon adaptation? If so, who would you like to see as Eragon?
Christopher: I’d love to see another Eragon adaptation. As for who would play the role . . . probably a new or unknown actor.

@MikeRuello_: What’s the likelihood of seeing the Inheritance Cycle in theaters?
Christopher: Not a clue, but I’m working on it!

@Nickjlunn: How involved do you want to be in the process of possibly redoing the Inheritance movies?
Christopher: I’d direct them if I could.

@MaryGryff: If an adaptation happened, would you be participating?
Christopher: You bet I would!

@JonMeschutt: Would you be interested in having the Inheritance Cycle become a TV series like Game of Thrones?
Christopher: Very much! My biggest concern would be whether they could pull off the special effects on a TV budget.

@Juanki_gt: What would you have changed in the past adaptation of Eragon?
Christopher: Heh. Oh, this and that. 🙂


@Evanv_: Which of your books is your favorite?
Christopher: Eragon, because it was my first, and the one I’m writing now, because it’s my latest.

@Couldbemaybe: Did you invent the languages of Alagaësia? If so, how?
Christopher: Yup. Just muddled through as best I could without linguistics training. Would do a better job now, I think. 😀

@SereLeaf: Were you ever declined by publishers while trying to publish Eragon?
Christopher: Nope. I was very fortunate to have the publishers approach me and ask to release the book through their companies.

@MichaelaRBrown: Which authors do you think influence your writing style the most?
Christopher: Hard to say. King. Le Guin. Herbert. Eddison. Peake.

@Towwcurren: Best advice for a young writer?
Christopher: Find a good editor!

@Megairontallica: What kind of process did you have when starting the Cycle, and what aspect of the writing was the focus?
Christopher: Write the story. Survive. Do as good a job as I could. Write as much as I could each day.

@Wolfgrl15: What was the inspiration behind writing the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Boredom. And I loved the book “Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher” by Bruce Coville.

@EvanGakeler: How did you first get your creative writing career off the ground?
Christopher: Wrote a book that people wanted to read. Proceeded from there. 🙂

@AbsalomHall: What inspires you?
Christopher: A sense of awe and wonder, and frustration that it’s so hard to find books that I enjoy reading myself!

@EmmaDe: How in the world do you even begin to put a story on paper?
Christopher: Plot it out beforehand and then just start writing. There’s no other way.

@MaryGryff: What kind of books did you start reading when you were a child? This tells a lot about your writing.
Christopher: Nancy Drew. Tom Swift. Ramona. Narnia. Little House on the Prairie. Lots of stuff like that.

@KoutrelakosN: I’m about to publish my first book and you’ve been a huge role model to me over the years! Any advice on how to do the best I can?
Christopher: Get all the publicity you can, and be nice to everyone! They remember! Best of luck!

@JustinVVasHere: How did you become a writer?
Christopher: By putting words on paper. I know it sounds simplistic, but that’s really how it’s done.

@McMillenAC: What inspired you to write at such a young age?
Christopher: Boredom and an overwhelming love of stories and fantasy.


@MauricioLeon372: What are your hobbies? How much does it take you to write a chapter?
Christopher: Drawing, lifting weights, carving, making chain mail. Depends on the chapter length.

@Summers_natale: What is your favorite way to relax?
Christopher: Lift weights and/or blow things up in video games!

@Sharksfan_loz: Ever been to Australia? Any planned visits to sign books? It’s a pretty rad place!
Christopher: Yup! Even made it down to Tasmania. Would like to go back.

@JOrtiz45: I’ll be visiting Montana in the summer. Would love to visit a place you drew inspiration from, if possible.
Christopher: Go through Paradise Valley, then, by Livingston. You’ll get the full experience. 🙂

@Summers_natale: If you could live in a fictional world, which would you choose and why?
Christopher: Alagaësia, because then I would be GOD!!!

@Rice_Penguin: You said you’d be a dwarf if you lived in Alagaësia, so as a dwarf, do you believe in the dwarves’ gods?
Christopher: As a dwarf I would BE one of their gods! Bwahahahaha!

@RaeBode19: Would you choose your elves of Tolkien’s?
Christopher: Mine, of course! (Although I wouldn’t mind visiting with Elron. Rivendell sounds like a wonderful place.)

@Alex__Norman: What other modern fantasy/sci-fi authors do you enjoy?
Christopher: Rothfuss. Reading Gene Wolfe right now.

@James_justus: Which new movie are you most looking forward to this year?
Christopher: Mad Max and Avengers.

@Atarianne: What’s your favorite video game?
Christopher: Myst, Riven, Marathon Infinity, Mass Effect 1&2, Portal 1&2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Halo 3, Skyrim, etc.

@Han_Jazz_Rose: What is your favorite instrument or type of music?
Christopher: I love orchestral music, movie scores, classical, and all sorts of weird stuff. Favorite instrument? … Tuba.

@Rice_penguin: What threat do earwigs and wild hamsters pose?
Christopher: BEHOLD, the terror that is the wild hamster:

@Abdulatheem: Have ever took a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test? And if yes, what is your result?
Christopher: Yup. Can’t remember now. It was something about me being very intense and driven though, so . . .

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