Gift Ideas for Fantasy Lovers Young and Old

The holidays are zooming nearer and, for many of us, it’s a season of giving. Thoughtful gifts, whether handmade or purchased, are most treasured by recipients. But sometimes we need a little help sparking our imaginations for what that might be. What to do? Never fear! This list contains a collection of items perfect for fantasy lovers.

Brisingr Prints: Give a friend their very own limited edition, autographed print of Christopher’s iconic drawing of the sword.

Dragon Puzzles: One of the Paolinis’ favorite family activities is assembling jigsaw puzzles. Here is a sampling, listed in increasing number of pieces: 48, 100, 200, 500, 1000 (Smaug), 1000 (Confabulation of Dragons), 1000 (White Dragon). Christopher also loves to play with 3D puzzles while trying to resolve plot problems (Wooden Puzzles 1, Wooden Puzzles 2).

The Tinker’s Packs: Pat Rothfuss’ online store contains many goodies, such as signed books, jewelry, games, and T-Shirts. And all of the proceeds are donated to Pat’s charity, Worldbuilders, which raises money for Heifer International.

Gadanke Journals: Our good friend Katie Clemons creates these handmade journals filled with thoughtful prompts to help you document the precious moments of your life. And her vlog offers many ideas to stimulate your creativity.

Dragon Tea Set: See steam rise from the snout of a dragon each time you pour tea. Check out the wide selection at and another option on Amazon. For those of you with adventurous tastes that match those of the Urgals, try Lapsong Souchong for a truly smokey experience. If you require something milder that might match the elves’ palate, sample Dragon Pearls.

Final Draft: Help writers take their scripts to a professional level with this software. If the gift recipient is still in school, they’re eligible for an educational discount.

Scrivener: It can be tough to keep all of your resources, research, and word processing within easy access. This program does it all, so that you don’t get lost in a sea of files but can write your novel with everything at your fingertips.

Mushroom Growing Kit: Angela the herbalist collected an assortment of strange fungi in the dark recesses of Farthen Dûr. In lieu of visiting Tronjheim yourself, you can grow delicious Shiitake or Oyster Mushrooms in your own home.

Dragon jewelry: Wear what you love. Amazon has a wide selection of necklaces and earrings, but be sure to check out this beautiful necklace on Etsy.

Headlamp: Many of us enjoy reading in bed, but don’t want to keep our partners up. Kenneth and Angela both swear by this fabulous equipment. The built-in red light prevents your night vision from being blown.

Fitbit Zip: Keep your writer walking with this activity monitor.

Skyrim: Perhaps the best way to visit a world filled with dragons, this game has many intriguing adventures in store for its players.

Calligraphy sets: Christopher enjoys practicing this art in his spare time. Beginners can get a started with this handy pen kit and instructional manual.

Fountain pens: Angela, Christopher, and Kenneth all love using fountain pens. Benefits include reduced hand strain, refillable cartridges, and a plethora of ink options when compared to regular ballpoints. Amazon offers a number of Lamy starter kits, such as this one.

Notebooks: Just because you’ve got a good writing utensil doesn’t mean you’ve got good writing paper. Check out some of Angela’s top recommendations, two from Paperblanks (1, 2) and two from Peter Pauper Press (1, 2).

Dragon Stationary: Share your passion for dragons!

Mountain Notecards: Some of these photos are so striking, they could have been taken in the Spine or Beors. Fortunately for us, these cards share the beauty of our own world.

2017 Planner: The Arcaena collect the knowledge and history of the human race in Alagaësia. Keep track of your own doings with a beautiful planner reminiscent of an illuminated manuscript or ancient book.

2017 Dragon calendar: Mark time’s progression with something cool. Ciruelo Cabral releases a new dragon calendar each year, and this one includes Eragon and Saphira, the beautiful painting commissioned for the Collector’s Edition of Eragon.

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Remember, if your budget is tight this year, you can always craft something. For example, a dragon pendent can be combined with your favorite beads and semi-precious stones to make a necklace, or you could carve a wooden medallion with a scene from the Inheritance Cycle and inset a dragon pendent to represent Saphira, Thorn, or Fírnen. Or you could draw one of the characters and laminate the final result as a bookmark for a friend. The possibilities are endless!

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