Christopher Paolini’s Art

This gallery will expand over time as we share more of the author’s works. Some of the pieces fans have seen before and the rest are exclusive to You’ll find rough concept sketches, doodles he made to help himself visualize key scenes while writing, and experiments in styles ranging from photo-realistic to absurdist. Many were done when he was fifteen or younger and are displayed here not only to give a glimpse into the mind of the young author, but to share his progression in skill over time. There are also a good number of completed drawings from recent years. Inheritance Cycle—Finished Works, just below, are followed by Inheritance Cycle—Concept Art, Eragon and Eldest Cover Mockups, Other, and Random Sketches.

If you’re interested in details about the art creation process, check out our article series featuring some of Christopher’s most iconic works. And check out our Etsy print store!

Alagaësia—Finished Works

Alagaësia—Concept Art

Eragon and Eldest Cover Mockups


Random Sketches