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Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Menoa Tree

Before Du Fyrn Skulblaka and before the Fair Folk were effectively immortal, the Menoa tree was created when the master plant singer Linnëa melded herself with the oldest tree in Du Weldenvarden. It was an unusual reaction to an age old problem: she … [Read more]

Goodreads Giveaway: Autographed Hardcover Copy of Inheritance!

Enter our Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win an autographed hardcover copy of Inheritance! It begins today, February 13th, and runs until February 27th, 2017. For more details and to enter click below: Goodreads Book … [Read more]

Video Q&As with Christopher: Writing Tips, Life’s Mysteries, and Striving to Achieve

We're freshening things up with a video Q&As gallery! Join Christopher as he discusses topics ranging from tips on writing to what he's learned since he became a successful author—and what he still strives for. Special thanks to Alex Vivaut of … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Arya

Born in 7899 AC, one year before the Fall of the Riders, Arya grew up in Ellesméra, residing in Tialdarí Hall with her mother Queen Islanzadí. Her father, Evandar, had been killed while trying to defend Ilirea from Galbatorix and the Forsworn, so she … [Read more]