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Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Tronjheim

Located at the base of the volcanic hollow of Farthen Dûr deep within the Beor Mountains, Tronjheim is the capital of the dwarf nation. King Korgan Longbeard discovered Farthen Dûr a short time after the dwarves' mass exodus from their homeland … [Read more]

Christopher is Going on Tour for The Official Eragon Coloring Book!

Join Christopher on his eight-city tour to Montana, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California for The Official Eragon Coloring Book this May! There will be a talk followed by a signing after each event. Please check Christopher's events … [Read more]

We have a winner for our Goodreads Inheritance Giveaway!

A hearty congratulations to reader Mark B. for winning the autographed hardcover edition of Inheritance! Thank you to everyone who participated and please keep an eye out for our next giveaway! … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Menoa Tree

Before Du Fyrn Skulblaka and before the Fair Folk were effectively immortal, the Menoa tree was created when the master plant singer Linnëa melded herself with the oldest tree in Du Weldenvarden. It was an unusual reaction to an age old problem: she … [Read more]