Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Tronjheim


Located at the base of the volcanic hollow of Farthen Dûr deep within the Beor Mountains, Tronjheim is the capital of the dwarf nation.

King Korgan Longbeard discovered Farthen Dûr a short time after the dwarves’ mass exodus from their homeland plains due to desertification. They built the city-mountain out of the purest marble in the following millennia, intending for it to house the entire race in times of trouble. [Read more…]

Christopher is Going on Tour for The Official Eragon Coloring Book!

Join Christopher on his eight-city tour to Montana, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California for The Official Eragon Coloring Book this May! There will be a talk followed by a signing after each event. Please check Christopher’s events page and the venue websites for the most up-to-date information.

The Official Eragon Coloring Book

May 2, 2017 – 6:00 PM
Barnes and Noble #2117
2825 West Main St., Unit A-1
Bozeman, MT 59718
Phone: 406-586-5360

May 3, 2017 – 6:30 PM
Auntie’s Bookstore
402 West Main Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 509-838-0206

May 4, 2017 – 7:00 PM
Barnes and Noble #2280
401 NE Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: (206) 417-2967
BarnesandNoble.com [Read more…]

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A hearty congratulations to reader Mark B. for winning the autographed hardcover edition of Inheritance! Thank you to everyone who participated and please keep an eye out for our next giveaway!

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Menoa Tree

Follow Me, by Marek Okon, Menoa tree

Follow Me, by Marek Okon, © 2008, courtesy Deviant Art.

Before Du Fyrn Skulblaka and before the Fair Folk were effectively immortal, the Menoa tree was created when the master plant singer Linnëa melded herself with the oldest tree in Du Weldenvarden. It was an unusual reaction to an age old problem: she had fallen in love with a much younger man, but over time he lost interest. Linnëa eventually discovered her lover cheating with a younger woman and stabbed him to death in a fit of rage. Knowing that she hadn’t done the right thing, and that she could never return to her normal life, Linnëa rushed to the Menoa tree, where she sang for three days and nights until her body/consciousness were one with the plant.

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Video Q&As with Christopher: Writing Tips, Life’s Mysteries, and Striving to Achieve

We’re freshening things up with a video Q&As gallery! Join Christopher as he discusses topics ranging from tips on writing to what he’s learned since he became a successful author—and what he still strives for.

Special thanks to Alex Vivaut of Eragons.com (Spain) and Cara of Fletcher High School for providing some of the footage and questions.


Can’t get enough? Check out our Q&A archive and FAQ page. Still want more? Submit your questions and follow the latest on Christopher’s Twitter and Facebook page.

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Arya


Born in 7899 AC, one year before the Fall of the Riders, Arya grew up in Ellesméra, residing in Tialdarí Hall with her mother Queen Islanzadí. Her father, Evandar, had been killed while trying to defend Ilirea from Galbatorix and the Forsworn, so she likely didn’t have many memories of their time together. Some of her favorite pastimes included writing poetry, singing, and caring for bonsai.

Arya’s childhood and early adulthood were saturated with troubling times—Galbatorix’s influence was felt throughout Alagaësia. Arya made the decision to become an ambassador for the elf nation in 7929 AC. Nine months into her assignment, Arya traveled from Tronjheim to Aberon with Weldon (who would succeed Brom as the Varden’s leader) and a number of others. En route the group encountered Urgals who wanted to prove themselves, and in the resulting confrontation, Arya killed someone for the first time.* Her actions bothered her for weeks until she finally realized that the only choice was to go crazy or stop dwelling on it. The importance of her mission was vital enough that it was necessary to continue despite the deaths. Visualizations—such as being in the gardens at Tialdarí Hall—and breathing exercises helped remove the intensity of her memories. [Read more…]

The Flexible Chef: Christopher and Nealy Fischer Make No-Bake Energy Bites

The Flexible Chef: No-Bake Energy Bites

Join The Flexible Chef creator Nealy Fischer and Christopher as she demonstrates how to make her No-Bake Energy Bites, a perfect snack for the hungry author. Oats, coconut, almond butter, flax, hemp, and maple syrup are a few of the ingredients of this surprisingly tasty (and healthy!) treat.

Visit Nealy’s website to find the full recipe and get a host of useful tips for everyday life! You can also follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

Q&As with Christopher: Navigating Themes, Comparison, Plots, & More!

Winter sunset

These Q&As are drawn from Christopher’s recent AMA on Reddit. We’re reposting them here for folks who haven’t seen them yet.


SupersuMC: Based on the description of the werecats’ shifting later on in Eldest, was the she-wolf Eragon encountered in Ellesméra “werewolf,” or is it a wolf or woman affected by the forest’s magic in such a way? If the former, how rare are they in comparison to humans (and werecats)? If the latter, which was it before the magic affected it?

The she-wolf is an elf who has modified her body to appear more lupine. So, different than the werecats.

ThornBigRedDragon: Oh, I love Thorn sooo much. Can you tell me some new facts about him? What was his first word?

Hmm. Not sure what his first word was, but I can tell you he loves lighting dandelion puffballs on fire and watching them burn.

owen_bower: Hey Christopher! I saw on your Twitter that you intend to write a fifth novel. Would it be about Eragon, Murtagh and Thorn, a new Rider, or maybe about Brom’s earlier life?

All I’ll say about Book Five is that many of the characters you’re familiar with will return, but you’ll also get to meet a bunch of new characters as well.

[Read more…]

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