How the Inheritance Cycle Changed Lives: Your Stories

Over the years, many have shared their poignant stories with Christopher about how the Inheritance Cycle affected their lives in unexpected ways. In honor of you, the fans, we are collecting these accounts. (Check out our Tumblr blog to see what others have sent.) Do you have an experience you would like to submit? This is the place to do it!

stories, treeTo everyone who has sent in a personal recollection about the Inheritance Cycle, thank you. I find myself somewhat at a loss for words. As I’ve said at various times in the past, it’s easy for an author to forget the influence their writing can have (if they’re lucky) in the wider world. Reading your accounts has, even more than book tour, left me touched and astounded at the ways in which these books have affected your lives. I was only trying to challenge and entertain myself when I started Eragon. In my wildest imaginings, I never thought that anything I put down would mean half as much to anyone else as it did to me. So again, thank you. From the deepest part of my heart; thank you.

And yes, like you, I long to return to Alagaësia. There is still so much to be seen and done. Someday, I hope. Someday.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

Christopher Paolini

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