• Teachers Guide: Get your students excited about learning . . . with Eragon.

• Classroom decorations
• Discussion questions and reading guides
• Research projects
• Writing topics
• Math in Alagaësia
• Drawing activities
• Dramatization ideas
• Hands-on projects

  • Free Printables for your Classroom or Library:

Book Covers:

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Author Photos:

Biography: Who is Christopher?
Map of Alagaësia: Print this image, then draw a line following Eragon’s travels as you read the book. Starting with Eldest, begin a second line in another color for Roran.
Crossword Puzzle: A not-too-difficult collection of clues for students who have read Eragon.
Eragon Word Search: Set a timer and start the search! How many words can you find?
Dwarf Runes Worksheet: Practice these, then exchange coded messages with your friends.

  • Videos: Supplement your study of Eragon with these short, upbeat videos.
  • Dragons: Post these on your classroom wall and let students discover more fun dragon facts!

Christopher Explains Why He Began to Write About Dragons
Fun Facts About Christopher’s Dragons!

  • Crafts & Party Ideas: Activities to spark your imagination! Make a bar of dwarven rock soap, design an Urgal sash, or invent an elven tea ceremony. Play the werecat game of Jumping Cricket, then relax with a cup of dragon’s mead and nibble elven seed cake.

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