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Get your students excited about learning . . . with Eragon.

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Supplement your study of Eragon with these short, upbeat videos.

Young Readers and Writers

The Paolini Method

​The Paolini Method, developed by Talita Paolini (Christopher’s mom), is a collection of simple, effective projects to help you educate your children at home. The lessons use inexpensive household items to teach essential skills and are presented with step-by-step directions and clear illustrations so you’ll know exactly what to do. These hands-on activities engage students in the learning process and spark the joy of learning. Visit for sample lessons, learning resources, and more information!

“People often ask how I was able to write Eragon at the age of fifteen. Well, the credit has to go to my parents, and specifically my mom, Talita, who is a trained teacher. She started to educate my sister and me when we were very young, first with games and other fun projects and later with more formal lessons. Without her system of instruction, none of our professional success would have been possible. I was incredibly fortunate to have been educated with these methods, and I firmly believe that children everywhere can benefit from them.”

~ Christopher Paolini

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