English to Dwarf Language Dictionary

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English to Dwarf Language Dictionary

English Dwarf Language
accompanying, bring ignh
act estvarn
all who volfild
also wharn
and oen
are oc
arranger of the house grimstcarvlorss
as wharn
assail marrv
at the same time ienmîf
bald, shiny egraz
banished, clanless vargrimst
be dom
bear (n.) beor (elf word)
bear (v.); carry môgh
beard dûnost
beardless, unbearded mendûnost
beware länok
bless arûna
blood edaris
boar, giant; native to the beor mountains nagra
bright gáld
bright, shining head gáldhiem
bring, accompany ignh
by vor
call, summon estver
carry; bear (v.) môgh
cave bear, giant; native to the beor mountains urzhad
cave lore mahl
change dem
chief, arbitrator borith
city kyth
clan (literally, “our hall,” or “our home”) dûrgrimst
clan of artisans dûrgrimst gedthrall
clan of dragonnets (see also fanghur) dûrgrimst fanghur
clan of kílf’s necklace (see also ledwonnû) dûrgrimst ledwonnû
clan of metalworkers (see also knurlcarathn) dûrgrimst ingeitum
clan of scholars dûrgrimst ebardac
clan of stoneworkers (see also knurlcarathn) dûrgrimst knurlcarathn
clan of the bearded mountain goat (see also feldûnost) dûrgrimst feldûnost
clan of the cave bear (see also urzhad) dûrgrimst urzhad
clan of the giant boar (see also nagra) dûrgrimst nagra
clan of the river guard (see also ragni and hefthyn) dûrgrimst ragni hefthyn
clan of the tears of anhûin dûrgrimst az sweldn rak anhûin
clan of the war wolves (see also vrenshrrgn) dûrgrimst vrenshrrgn
clan; religious order dûrgrimst quan
clan chief (literally, “hall chief”) grimstborith
clan war dûrgrimstvren
clanless, banished vargrimst
counterfeit; something that appears other than it actually is; a fake or a sham thardsvergûndnzmal
country of the dwarves; all clans’ lands grimstnzhadn
coward sheilve
create fûthmér
curse (n.) barzûlegûr
curse someone with ill fate barzûl
curse someone with multiple misfortunes barzûln
danger carkna
daughter mezzintar
destroy hrestvog
disloyal, feckless, un-faith menotho
do is
double-bladed staff weapon used by dûrgrimst quan hûthvír
dragon jurgen
dragon rider jurgencarmeitder
dragon-like creatures that are smaller and less intelligent than their cousins, the dragons; related to the nïdhwal (native to the beor mountains) fanghur
dragonwar jurgenvren
dwarf (literally, “one of stone”) knurla
eagle orn
eagle eye, eye of the eagle ornthrond
earth erôth
earthen stone, stone of earth erôthknurl
ecstasy nzdorrim
elders, sages, wise men urû
elf (the dwarves borrowed this word from the ancient language, wherein it means magic.) vanyali
endearment, an; also the dwarves’ name for a form of gold nodules indigenous to the beor mountains, which they prize greatly delva
endless, eternal vol
enemy mensagh
enough vronn
enter god
eternal fighter volund
eye of the eagle, eagle eye ornthrond
faith otho
fake; something that appears other than it actually is; a counterfeit or a sham thardsvergûndnzmal
family sartos
family story, story of family, saga sartosvrenht
father farthen
father of frost, winter felfarthen
feckless, disloyal, un-faith menotho
frostbeard (a species of goat native to the beor mountains) feldûnost
fire workers; smiths ingeitum
fish, small, red, found mainly in the ragni darmn river darm
fists of steel ascûdgamln
flesh thargen
flicker sigt
food voth
fool brak
foot kóstha
foot-pool kóstha-mérna
for akh
forget warrev
friend sagh
from tor
frost pass felrast
frost fel
gem narrvel
giant tronj
god of air urûr
god of all under the surface gûntera
god of fire (black beard) morgothal
god of stone; said to have seven fingers on each hand helzvog
goddess of earth sindri
goddess of water kílf
gold nodules indigenous to the beor mountains, which the dwarves prize greatly; also an endearment delva
endearment delva
great brâgha
greeting derûndân
guard hefthyn
guest (literally, “hall guest” grimstbelard
guest belard
hail (v.) nal
hammer korda
hand gaml
happen, take place vond
has nos
hawk, a species of trangnarn
he, him, man knurlag
head hiem
heart nien
heart of stone knurlnien
helm heim
helm of giants tronjheim
her, she, woman knurlaf
him, he, man knurlag
holiest encesti
holy sesti
honor zeitmen
house, hall grimst
how harng
i narho
in bahst
is ana
it dar
it is ilf
kílf’s necklace; also used as a general term for necklace ledwonnû
kill ach
kind alfrell
king grimstnzborith
kneel beogh
lake, pool mérna
land had
lands of a clan grimsthadn
leave athrid
let os
likeness; statue hírna
listen hwatum
love, adoration dorzada
make irânû
man, he, him knurlag
manage, to arrange vlorss
may jordn
me skilf
memory, remember menwarrev
men kurlagn
message harûg
messenger carharûg
mine skilfz
moment hort
mortal wôno
neck led
no eta
not etal
obligation, fate, something unavoidable orodûm
of rak
one carn
our dûr
our father farthen dûr
pass rast
pine trees native to the beor mountains farthen dûr
place goroth
play dweirv
pledge belgond
pool, lake mérna
queen grimstnzborith
remember, memory menwarrev
ride meitder
ring wonnû
river ragni
rose isidar
ruler of the dwarves, whether king or queen (literally, “halls’ chief”) grimstnzborith
saga, family story, story of family sartosvrenht
sages, elders, wise men urû
scratch (n.) vik
serve smer
shade, shadow hreth
sham; something that appears other than it actually is; a counterfeit or a fake thardsvergûndnzmal
shadeslayer hrethcarach
she, her, woman knurlaf
shield thorv
sight astim
simultaneously, at the same time ienmîf
sindri’s gem sindriznarrvel
smiths, fire workers ingeitum
something that appears other than it actually is; a fake or counterfeit; a sham thardsvergûndnzmal
son menthiv
sorrow vrem
speak roth
spear-throwing contest akin to jousting and fought on the backs of feldûnost ghastgar
speck, mote hûtt
star mithrim
star rose (the star sapphire) isidar mithrim
statue; likeness hírna
steel ascûd
step, stairs turin
stone; rock knurl
stone of earth (literally, “earthstone”) erôthknurl
stonehead knurlhiem
stoneworkers; masons knurlcarathn
stop etzil
story vrenht
straddle ganaht
summon, call estver
take place, happen vond
tall mann
tear (as in crying) sweld
temper line on the blade of a differentially tempered weapon thriknzdal
that isû
the az
the lands of a clan grimsthadn
them, they knurlar
then azt
there nithgech
these formvn
they, them knurlar
this formv
thus ûn
time gar
time: about thirteen minutes ûtgav
to il
to arrange, manage vlorss
tree drâth
trees of stone knurldrâthn
ugh, dwarvish equivalent, (used humorously in the place name werghadn; werghadn translates as either “the land of ugh” or, more liberally, “the ugly land”) werg
un-faith, feckless, disloyal menotho
unbearded, beardless mendûnost
unstone ones, those who are not, or are without, stone (the worst insult in dwarvish; cannot be directly translated into english) menknurlan
us, we
want frekk
war vren
war wolves, wolves of war vrenshrrgn
warrior und
was qena
we, us
weak dômar
what hert
when hrenth
white arn
who fild
will ûdim
winter (literally, “frost father”) felfarthen
wise men, elders, sages urû
without var
wolf, giant; native to the beor mountains shrrg
wolves of war, war wolves vrenshrrgn
woman, she, her knurlaf
women knurlafn
word gerdûm
work rath
wound given by a jealous lover or spouse eowynthir
yes; affirmative oeí
you jok

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