Nomad Language

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nomad language


  1. The Nomad Language (which includes both actual nomads and those of Nasuada’s people who have settled in the south) alternates consonants and vowels, with the sole exception of personal names, such as Nasuada.
  2. Double letters, such as nn in Taganna are pronounced twice as long as normal, but are otherwise treated as a single letter.
  3. Names are ordered thus: family, tribe, personal

i—as in beet, fleet when at the end of words




Nomad Language to English Dictionary:

Nomad Language English
Gokukara praying mantis goddess
katuro Dragon Rider
osati you are
Unulukuna creator god (also the Old One)

English to Nomad Language Dictionary:

English Nomad Language
creator god (also the Old One) Unulukuna
Dragon Rider katuro
praying mantis goddess Gokukara
you are osati

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