The Sounds of Alagaësia: Fan Playlists Inspired by the Inheritance Cycle

This month, we invited Inheritance Cycle readers to share music that they think best embodies the sounds of Alagaësia, its magic, and its inhabitants. Thank you to all who shared their favorites!

Carvahall and Ellesméra

Basically some of the songs on here are battle songs that I thought about while reading the books. The other songs are calming and I often thought about Ellesmeria and Eragon’s home.

I had to narrow those songs down to ten because I had 47 songs that I loved. I could have gone to 15 but that’s a bit too much.

Eragon’s Journey

This playlist consists of ten songs that I feel can best describe Eragon’s journey from boy, to Shur’tugal, each song of which symbolizes a moment in his story which I will list below in the form of a timeline commemorating Eragon’s adventure (Song title being first and the moment being second).

  • Skye Cuillin – Represents Eragon’s travels with Brom as he is first discovering the wonders of Alagaësia.
  • At Journey’s End – The battle between good and evil reaches a peak inside the giant mountain fortress of Tronjheim as Eragon and Saphira fight the shade Durza
  • Escaping the Kraken – Is representative of Roran’s sea chase from Teirm to Surda and his battle with the Boar’s Eye.
  • Summer Rain – Expresses the mysteriousness and awe of Du Weldenvarden as Eragon first reaches the elven city of Ellesméra.
  • Mythic Legends – Shows one of the most important events in Eragon’s life, the point where he finally proves his mettle in the battle of the Burning Plains and duels against
  • Murtagh and Thorn
  • Over The Misty Mountains – Just like it is used to represent the dwarfs in the Lord of the Rings, this song is used to symbolize the moment Saphira heals the Star Saphire, Isidar
  • Mithrim among the dwarfs in there fortress of stone buried deep in the mountain known as Farthen Dûr.
  • Norse Legends – Is a song of urgency and thus tells the tale of Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr’s trip to Doru Araeba in order to find The Rock of Kuthian and make it back it time to fight in the battle of Urû’baen.
  • Rise of the Dragons – Eragon and Saphira return from The Rock of Kuthian just in time to battle it out with the Varden in Urû’baen!
  • Battle of Kings – The final battle between Eragon and Galbatorix!
  • The Shire Theme – Is used to represent Eragon’s finale. His reconstruction of the Dragon Riders, his love for his friends, family and above all his love for Arya. It is also used to express Eragon’s inevitable venture from Alagaësia…never to return.

Welp! Hopefully you enjoyed these songs as much as I do and with them, the retelling of the Legend of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular!!!

Alagaësian Nature

The nature of Alagesia was the first thing that enchanted me while I was reading the books. These tracks are about not only nature, but also about Eragorn and Saphira because my memories of them are so pure and unique that I can compare them only with the glimpse of the first morning sunrays.

Dragon Riders’ Theme

A Land of Contrasts, Different Cultures, and Unexpected Dangers

The Varden: A Mix for the Rebels of Alagaësia

A mix for the Varden and their deeds of bravery, from their founding by Brom, to their rise under Ajihad’s and, finally, Nasuada’s leadership.

“Little was known about the Varden except that if you were a fugitive and had to hide, or if you hated the Empire, they would accept you. The only problem was finding them.”


The First of the Forsworn and His Black Hand

Note: I don’t “ship” these two, but I love their dynamic. And I greatly admire Selena for putting her son above everything else and secretly switching sides once she found out Morzan’s true colours. This mix is mostly about how she experienced their relationship, from being in love and utterly loyal to him, to hating his guts.


The Inheritance Cycle Songs: Pre-Cycle Events

A selection of epic instrumental pieces reciting some of the most important events that took place in Alagaësia before the starting point of Paolini’s tetralogy.

(Including music by Audiomachine, Bear McCreary, and Brand X Music).


The Inheritance Cycle Songs: Eragon

A mix of epic instrumental pieces, inspired by the storyline of Eragon.

(Including music by Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, and Howard Shore).


The Inheritance Cycle Songs: Eldest

A mix of epic instrumental pieces, inspired by the storyline of Eldest. Follow Eragon’s adventures from the halls of Farthen Dûr to the enchanted Du Weldenvarden, and then to the smoking lands of the Burning Plains.

(Including music by Steve Jablonsky, Howard Shore and Audiomachine).


The Inheritance Cycle Songs: Brisingr

A mix of epic instrumental pieces, inspired by the storyline of Brisingr.

“The purpose of life is not to do what we want but what needs to be done. This is what fate demands of us.” -Oromis.

(Including music by Howard Shore, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer).


Murtagh and Thorn

A mix for murtagh morzansson and his red dragon thorn, in the pits of despair under galbatorix’s control.


Gedwëy Ignasia: Through the Eye of a Dragon

“Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world.”A mix inspired by the works of Christopher Paolini and the amazing world he created through the Inheritance Cycle.

Including tracks by Jeremy Soule, Thomas Bergersen, Marc Streitenfeld and others to create the sense of adventure and power that can only be experienced when flying on a dragon.


Brightscales: A Saphira Brightscales Mix

A playlist for Saphira Brightscales.


A Boy and His Dragon

“Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist and never shall. There is only now.”

A soundtrack mix inspired by the works of Christopher Paolini



A musical timeline of the events of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle; from the birth, to the death, to the resurrection of the dragons.


Exile: A Murtagh Mix

“My mind is the only sanctuary that has not been stolen from me.”


The Devil Within

“Her presence always signaled imminent death, torture, betrayal, or some other horror. She was utterly ruthless, devoid of either pity or compassion.”

A fanmix for the black hand.


Small Rebellions

A Murtagh&Nasuada fanmix, inspired mostly by Book 4. || “Even if your oaths will allow only the smallest of rebellions, the smallest of rebellions might still prove to be his undoing.”

(The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini)


Se Ono Waise Ilia

“May you be happy.”

A slightly angsty mix about the story of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Brightscales.

~ hey-hi-hello

I Feel the Love Burning

A mix for a love that still has to bloom. Eragon & Arya.

~ teavious

One Day, Some Day, My World Will Also Change

A mix for a love that suffers, that waits, that hopes.

“You know why.”

~ teavious

Murtagh and Thorn

A mix. Cover art belongs to Greeneyesmetblack on DeviantArt.

~ syrawolf


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