Christopher’s Sci-fi Project Progress

At last: the long-awaited update on Christopher’s progress on his science fiction novel, #TSiaSoS! We are all anxiously awaiting news of a publishing date and a link to pre-order, but we’re not quite there yet.

Christopher is in the middle of working through the story to refine and improve the plot, develop the characters further, and generally make the book the best it can be. Revision can be the hardest part of writing a novel—after a year or more crafting each paragraph with care, finally typing “The End,” and printing out the manuscript, it’s done, right?! Nope. Now it’s time to review, reflect, and revise.

So when do we get the book? Well, once Christopher has finished the first go-through, trusted advisors will read it and offer their thoughts, and then the book will be sold to a publisher—who will also propose changes. Between editing, designing, printing, and marketing, the earliest #TSiaSoS could be available for purchase is next year.

Rest assured, you won’t be bored during the wait! We’ll have awesome behind-the-scenes content, updates on publishing dates, and themed exclusives for fans on throughout this process. Check out the video below where Christopher details some of the brainstorming necessary to write a good science fiction book:

As always, thank you for your support and stay in touch!

Immanuela Meijer

Immanuela is the Paolinis' webmaster, archivist, and all around "make-things-go" Renaissance woman.