Fraud Alert

fraud alert
fraud alert
Recently, we were contacted by an author who informed us of disturbing news.

We want to make you aware of a scam that is using a person impersonating Christopher Paolini as part of a scheme to extract money from authors and people wanting to get a screenplay made into a movie.

Here is a redacted letter received by Christopher from the author who contacted him:

Christian Smith and New Reader International (also known as New Reader Media and New Reader Magazine). are fraudulently saying Christopher used their services to get his work made into the Eragon movie. They are doing this to solicit $10,000 to be paid by the author that sent the letter above. This is to secure New Readers International services to get a screenplay to Hollywood and a payout of at least $120,000.

If you or anyone you know is contacted by this company and they have a “Christopher Paolini” talk to them, know that this is 100% false, fake, and is a scam. Christopher has never worked with these people. He has never met or talked with them. And his path to getting Eragon made into a movie had nothing to do with New Readers International. They are fraudulently representing that Christopher promotes their services. These criminal activities are being dealt with by our attorneys and the FBI.

Legitimate agents that help authors do deals with publishers and the entertainment industry (movie and television) will never ask for money upfront from you. If they do, run. They get paid a percentage of the deals done. Never, ever pay money upfront.

If you are contacted by this company, beware.


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