TSiaSoS: Why Sci-fi?

why sci-fi

So why did Christopher chose to write a science fiction novel next? Why not another daring fantasy novel? The author sits down to explain just why To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is set in space. why sci-fi

Growing up, Christopher fell in love with science fiction as much as he did fantasy. To him, fantasy is the fiction of nostalgia and mythology, and science fiction is the fiction of the future—of optimism. And that’s what he wanted to capture with To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.

But even with a story universe that features spaceships and technology, there is a way to tie into the archetypal stories that we resonate with in fantasy and mythology. That was the mix that Christopher set out to capture in writing this book: classical storytelling blended with the fiction of the future.

Christopher loves the possibilities of what humanity might achieve and has a great deal of optimism about that future. His one regret is that he likely won’t be around to see most of the amazing accomplishments of our species.

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