Final Day: TSiaSoS Pre-Order Campaign!


Today’s the last day to submit your pre-order receipt for To Sleep in a Sea of Stars and receive a gorgeous holographic sticker! While it makes us sad to see the end of Tor Book’s pre-order campaign, we’re also happy because it means that we’re getting that much closer to the book’s publishing date.

Follow the instructions on the submission page to upload your receipt. You will see a small confirmation message in the upper right corner of the page once you’ve done so. The sticker will ship on or around June 2nd, 2020, so you should receive it a short time later. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the EW exclusive excerpt from To Sleep in a Sea of Stars! campaign

Immanuela Meijer

Immanuela is the Paolinis' webmaster, archivist, and all around "make-things-go" Renaissance woman.