TSiaSoS Book Trailer

TSiaSoS Book Trailer

“Space holds countless secrets. She just found the deadliest one.”

Hey everyone! Want to see something cool? Well here it is! Christopher is excited to share the official book trailer for To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. The team at Tor did an amazing job creating something that Kira herself would approve of. It feels like an epic sci-fi movie that evokes the mood and tone of the story! So let the trailer transport you to the world of To Sleep (and yes, we got someone with THAT voice). You’ll see what we mean. . . .

To Sleep In a Sea of Stars is a massive space opera, full of spaceships, lasers, aliens, explosions, heartache, and of course . . . tentacles. And as the trailer shows, the main character, Kira Navarez, will be transformed by her experiences . . . forever. This massive tome releases on September 15th, 2020, and has already graced the wish lists, preorders, and bookish desires of many readers. And what better way to prepare for fall weather than cozying up with your favorite drink and this page-turner? You’re going to need quite a bit of tea or coffee to get you through this one! You can preorder your very own signed copy of To Sleep In a Sea of Stars here and join other readers in anticipation of the release.

As we celebrate the impending arrival of To Sleep with this trailer, the countdown continues towards the release date. Stay tuned for more updates, Fractalverse content, merchandise, and of course, puns from Christopher. Please click for more information about his upcoming virtual tour (which will feature a host of other authors). There’s no going back now, so let this adventure take you out among the stars!

TSiaSoS Book Trailer TSiaSoS Book Trailer TSiaSoS Book TSiaSoS Book Trailer Trailer