Badali Jewelry Collaboration: To Sleep in a Sea of Stars!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to present an all new collaboration with Badali Jewelry! Coming September 15th—publishing day of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars—fans will be able to purchase their very own Fractalverse pendants from the talented artisans at Badali Jewelry.

Now Available


Badali jewelry
Image courtesy Badali Jewelry

This special symbol was created by Caru. The stars and center fill were added by Christopher’s assistant Immanuela Meijer. The team at Badali then worked their magic to bring the two-dimensional designs into fruition as beautiful pendants.


The first pendant is sterling silver with a sapphire blue enamel placed within the seven seven-sided stars. The second is brass inset with a galactic blue center that glistens in the light like a sea of stars. The third is also brass and features a black enamel center, not unlike the dark depths of space.

We couldn’t wait to share the first photos of these beautiful pieces with the world, which will be available on September 15 through the Badali Jewelry website. And don’t forget to pick up your own copy of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars to go along with your elegant new necklace.

Now Available

Please check back regularly for the latest updates on Christopher and his upcoming projects. And in case you missed it, he will be going on a virtual tour of the United States and the United Kingdom to celebrate the release of his new science fiction behemoth. You also won’t want to miss out on Jennifer Hale’s—of Mass Effect renown—narration of the US audioboook; critics have raved about her talented delivery. Click to hear a preview. See you soon!

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is a story of enormous intergalactic weight and consequence, but also of deeply personal human strength, compassion, and awe.

During a routine survey mission on an uncolonized planet, xenobiologist Kira Navárez finds an alien relic that thrusts her into the wonders and nightmares of first contact. Epic space battles for the fate of humanity take her to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and, in the process, transform not only her—but the entire course of history.

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