Author Auction

Get your very own meeting with Christopher Paolini! Looking for writing tips, advice, or just love Christopher’s work? This author auction offers a perfect opportunity for schools, libraries, book clubs, writer’s groups, or fans to spend an hour with the man himself.

TABC Book Drop Author Auction


A few rules from the auction host, TABC Book Drop:

  • Bidding closes August 31, 2022.
  • Bids may be placed from anywhere worldwide, provide that the audience is English-speaking and the event involves an educational institution, book club, writing group, or other reading-related organization.
  • Starting Bid is $300 (US) and will increase in hundred-dollar increments.
  • Multiple bidders (up to 5) may combine funds for a shared visit. (Group size must align with author preference; please check this detail before placing a bid.)
  • The winner will be the top bidder at closing time. Bids placed within the final ten minutes will reset the countdown to ten minutes. This is to prevent last minute “sting” bids.
  • Payment must be made by Sept 7th (unless other arrangements are made in advance.) The payment will be held in escrow until the author completes the visit.
  • Upon payment, the winning bidder will be connected to the author or their representative for scheduling. The visit should be completed by May 2023.


TABC Book Drop

This author auction is hosted by non-profit 501c3 Writer’s Cubed, home of Teen Author Boot Camp, and TABC Book Drop. All proceeds go towards the TABC Book Drop initiative – where famous authors connect with Title One schools for an amazing author event, and a free book is given to each child in the school. Their goal this year is to visit 70 schools in at least 7 states.

Research shows that middle-income American children have 13 books per child in the home. Children living in poverty only have 1 book per 300 homes.

Please help us gift the gift of stories, books and literacy to these families in need!

~TABC Book Drop

Meet Another Author

Christopher is not the only author participating in this non-profit event. Check below or browse through the list of authors here.

Virtual Author Auction Hosted by TABC Book Drop


As always, please check Christopher’s events page for information on upcoming and past events.