Vocal Fantasy Writing Challenge

Christopher is partnering with Vocal, a publishing platform for creators, for a Fantasy writing challenge! Write and submit a fantasy fiction story for a chance to win a cash prize and a video call with Christopher himself. In addition to a personal 30 minute Zoom call, first place will be awarded $10,000, second place will receive $5,000, and 25 runners-up will receive $50. This challenge is open for 45 days and will close on November 8th, 2022. So grab a pen, use the prompt below, and let your creative juices flow!

The Prompt

A grown dragon finds a lost — or abandoned — toddler in the forest. Write a fiction story about what happens next.

Still need some help getting started? Christopher has put together a few writing tips tailored to this challenge. You can watch the clips below or read the transcripts provided under each video.

Tip #1 – PLOT!

Plot your story out beforehand. I’m a huge believer in knowing where you’re going. Now, writing a short story is different than writing an epic fantasy series, but even so it really helps to have a good map for your story and your characters. That way when you actually start typing, you don’t need to be trying to figure out who the characters are or what the events are going to be. You can just focus on crafting the story as beautifully as possible.

Tip #2 – Pick an Idea You Love

Pick something that you really care about as an idea for your story. Be passionate about this idea. Don’t just choose something because you think it’s good. Choose something because you feel that it’s good and that will provide you with a lodestone that will guide you through this process and will guide all the choices you make in the story.

Tip #3 – Worldbuilding

When it comes to world building, try to be internally consistent. Really think about how all your choices would actually change the world you’re creating and would affect that world. Even in a short story these things matter. So think about your magic. Think about the rules of your world, how the society might work. Think about where your people live and how they get their food, how they make their living. And that will inform every single word, every single sentence you write. So good luck and again internal consistency.

How to Submit

For more information on this Vocal Fantasy writing challenge, including eligibility requirements and official rules, please visit Vocal.