Now Available! Murtagh + Eragon Illustrated Edition

Christopher Paolini with Murtagh and Eragon Illustrated Edition, Murtagh Eragon Illustrated Pub Day

Murtagh Eragon Illustrated Pub Day

It’s finally time! Murtagh and the Eragon Illustrated Edition are available in bookstores today, November 7. Christopher is launching his US tour tonight at Barnes & Noble, Clifton, New Jersey at 6pm ET. Join in if you can and, of course, get reading!


Murtagh - World of Eragon

A year after the fall of the wicked conqueror Galbatorix (and 12 years since the conclusion of Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle), Eragon’s half brother Murtagh, also a Dragon Rider, is on the run. An antihero in the original series, Murtagh was first one of Galbatorix’s men, but he changed sides with Eragon’s help. Now, he seeks to steer clear of danger, but danger finds him nonetheless, whether through the sword of a greedy trader or rumors of an evil witch. He rides his dragon companion, Thorn, across Alagaësia in search of answers as he also reckons with his past as a villain and wonders how to use his magic to help, rather than harm. Much of the story surrounds Murtagh’s relationship with Thorn, and previous Dragon Riders are name-checked but do not appear. Still, familiarity with the original series and characters is a must. Two decades after the debut of Eragon, Paolini shows that there are still fresh tales to be told in this world. —Stacy Comfort, Booklist

Eragon Illustrated Edition

Return to the World of Eragon with this stunning illustrated edition packed with brand-new, full-color paintings by the talented artist Sidharth Chaturvedi, with world rights held by Knopf. Celebrate 20 years of the worldwide fantasy phenomenon Eragon, the first book in the Inheritance Cycle, which has sold more than 40 million copies across the series!

Prepare for the flight of a lifetime with Eragon as you’ve never seen him before in this dazzling oversized edition. This is the perfect must-have gift for both new and longtime Inheritance fans.

Eragon: The Illustrated Edition

Murtagh Eragon Illustrated Pub Day

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