Murtagh European Tour

Christopher Paolini is back home after his European tour celebrating the release of Murtagh! The tour ran from 28 November to 15 December and included a whirlwind of stops across nine countries. In total thousands of fans had the opportunity to ask questions, meet Christopher, and get their books signed. And so many brought unique items to share with the author! For example, there were homemade leather-bound editions of the Inheritance Cycle. There were also custom-made swords, which Christopher etched his signature on. And there were dragon potions and gilded lilies! Some fans showed off their tattoos of quotes from the books. Keep scrolling or use the buttons to see these photo highlights from the tour. You can also see highlights from the U.S. and Canadian tour here.

England/Scotland | 28-30 November

France | 1-3 December

Germany/Austria | 4-6 December

Italy | 7-10 December

Spain | 11-12 December

Roca Editorial

Roca Editorial (Transversal)

Holland | 13 December

Meulenhoff Boekerij

Sweden | 15 December

Bonnier Carlsen

And that’s it for now! We will have new events listed for the new year soon, so keep your eyes peeled. (A little elf told us that Christopher’s next appearance will be in Utah—but you didn’t hear that from us.) You can follow the latest right here on his website. Or send him a note on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok). Christopher and the team wish you and yours a very merry holiday season and hope that the new year brings you joy. Happy holidays!