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Shake things up and get inspired with Shurtugal’s Halloween Inheritance Cycle costume ideas (Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, and Angela and Saphira, Fírnen, and Thorn! Will you be a dragon?

Q&As with Christopher: Roran vs. Eragon, Hot Dogs vs. Tacos, and More!

Water Drops On Leaf

Most of these questions are drawn from Christopher’s recent AMA on Reddit. We’re reposting them here for folks who haven’t seen them yet.


galunid: 1. Can the name of Alagaësia change? That way Eragon could be able to return to this land. 2. Will Nasuada ever accept Eragon’s offer to visit him?

1. Yes.
2. Probably.

Kesarkulfi: Why have you made Roran the hero rather than Eragon in all aspects like being a good warrior; being the person who can influence everyone around him; who has got a family a wife and a daughter and who is now a Lord and has basically done no wrong, I mean compared to Eragon who actually cursed a child!

Roran has his flaws too: he gets angry, threatens people, etc. He has two advantages over Eragon, which make things a little easier for him: a) Roran is already grown up. He knows who he is and what he wants; he’s already passed through the awkwardness Eragon is still dealing with. And b) there are a lot of challenges Roran doesn’t have to face. Learning magic. Facing the prospect of fighting Galbatorix. Shouldering the hopes of four different races. Pairing with a dragon. And the list goes on.

That said, you’re right: Roran is impressive in his own right. But had he lived through what Eragon experienced, there’s no guarantee he would have handled it significantly better.

Good question!

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Christopher Interviews Todd Lockwood

Join Christopher and author/artist Todd Lockwood at MisCon 2016 as they discuss Todd’s debut novel The Summer Dragon! Take a peak at the cover art and one of twenty-one interior images Todd created for the book while you listen to the two fantasy enthusiasts discuss inspirations and dragons.

Visit Todd’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads to find the latest news and see his amazing art. Don’t miss out!

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Christopher is Going to the Czech Republic!

München, GermanyCome one, come all to the Humbook Festival in Prague! Christopher will be giving a presentation, answering questions, and signing books there on October 15th from 4PM until 6PM.

For those of you who speak Czech, please visit the Humbook website here for more information. See you there!




Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Barst

Nothing is known of Barst’s early years except that he was the son of Berengar and that he was rumored to have killed a wounded ox with a single punch. Whether inherited or awarded, his earldom included an estate nearby Gil’ead.

He had a reputation for strength, ruthlessness, and cunning—perhaps even prior to his association with Galbatorix. His vassals feared his swift, unmerciful response to crime and disputes (often execution).

mace_indo-persia_18th_or_19th_century_-_higgins_armory_museum_-_dsc05617-reduced1Barst drove his horses into the Ramr River to spite the elves when they forced him to flee his estate during the events of the Inheritance Cycle. Eventually the king sent him to “recruit” new soldiers for the army:

“…so he goes to this village and orders all the men to join Galbatorix’s army. Same story as always. Only, the men refuse, and they attack Barst and his soldiers. . . . Well, Barst was too clever for them; he had archers posted around the village before he went in. The soldiers kill half the men and thrash the rest within an inch of their lives. No surprise there. Then Barst takes the leader, the man who started the fight, and he grabs him by the neck, and with his bare hands, he pulls his head right off! . . . Like a chicken. And what’s worse, he ordered the man’s family burned alive as well.” (Unnamed soldier, Inheritance Deluxe, page 120)

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Christopher Interviews Kevin J. Anderson

In this interview filmed during MisCon 2015, join Christopher and veteran author Kevin J. Anderson as they discuss Kevin’s many works and his insights into the publishing industry. How many times were his books rejected by editors? How many novels has he written? Why did he start his own publishing company? What does he fanboy over? What advice can he offer authors that are just starting out? Find out all this and more!

You can follow Kevin’s doings by visiting his website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And definitely check out his latest releases, now available in bookstores:

Eternity's Mind Cover copy 2-reduced NavigatorsDuneKJAHerbert-reduced

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Q&As with Christopher: Memorable Experiences, Oromis and Bowie, and Scrying a Changed Place



@Patajamon32: When do you plan to write Book 5?

Christopher: Not until I finish with my other writing projects. It’s something I definitely want to write, though!


Rider_of_Moonlight: Can you tell us the gender of the main character in the new Science Fiction Project?

The main character is a woman.

Aeduh: I’m intrigued about your FTL travel theory for your next book. When will we know something about it?

I probably won’t release anything about the FTL until the book itself comes out. However, I’m thinking of writing a pseudo-scientific paper at the back of the book, explaining the underlying principles. Might be fun. 😀

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Christopher Interviews Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb has written some of fantasy’s most compelling stories, including the Liveship Traders trilogy, the Farseer trilogy, and more. Christopher and Robin sat down together during MisCon 2016 in Missoula, Montana, to discuss some of the things that fascinate and inspire the veteran author. You’ll never guess where she got the idea for her dragons!

Keep abreast of upcoming appearances and news on Robin’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram. Her newest release Assassin’s Fate, the third installment in the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, is available March 7, 2017—which gives you just enough time to read the first two in the series! And be sure to check out the Liveship Traders trilogy, one of Christopher and his sister, Angela’s, favorites.

LiveshipTrilogy AssassinsFate FarseerTrilogy

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Christopher’s DragonCon Recap!

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings Friends!

Yowza! I just returned home to Montana after attending my first DragonCon in Atlanta. Fellow author Brandon Sanderson convinced me to go earlier in the year . . . and boy am I glad that I did. What a great convention!

It’s hard to know where to start. First of all, with the fans, of course. A big thank you to everyone who came to my events: panels, signings, and readings. The line at my main signing was so long that we ran an hour more than planned. Awesome! As a special treat to everyone at a presentation, I read a small excerpt from my upcoming sci-fi novel. (Sorry, not ready to share it in print quite yet!) [Read more…]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Urû’baen a.k.a. Ilirea

Alpinist - Silhouette at dawnUrû’baen was the capital of Galbatorix’s Empire. Originally called Ilirea, it was founded by the elves when they first arrived in Alagaësia, and then abandoned after it was partially destroyed during the Dragon War. The Fair Folk allowed the Broddring men to claim and rebuild Ilirea as their capital after the cessation of conflict between King Palancar and the elves. Once humans were added to the Dragon Rider pact, members—including Oromis and Glaedr—resided and trained in the city.

Very early in Ilirea’s history (prior to the events of the [[Inheritance Cycle]]), the elves discovered a fissure beneath Ilirea that released vapors that:

“…increased the chances that those who slept near it might catch a glimpse, if however confused, of future events. So, over two and a half thousand years ago, the elves built this room atop the fissure, and an oracle came to live here for many hundreds of years, even after the elves abandoned the rest of Ilirea.”(Galbatorix, Inheritance Deluxe, page 421)

“…she whiled away the centuries dreaming of all that had been and all that might be. In time, the air lost its potency and the oracle and her attendants departed. Who she was and where she went, none can say for sure.” (Galbatorix, Inheritance Deluxe, page 421)

Years passed until Galbatorix, newly graduated, convinced Morzan to leave the gate to Ilirea open, thereby allowing him to steal a dragon hatchling to replace Jarnunvösk, who had died in a skirmish with the Urgals. Morzan and Galbatorix disappeared together for some time, hiding in evil places while they practiced dark magics. Their goals were initially hidden in a shroud of rumors, but the two eventually found twelve others willing to betray their order. [Read more…]