Announcing the Official Eragon Coloring Book!

Kvetha Fricaya. Greetings Friends!

Exciting news! I’m delighted to announce the upcoming publication of The Official Eragon Coloring Book! It’s a project I’ve been working on in secret for the past six months (in addition to polishing up the second draft of my science fiction novel).

The Official Eragon Coloring BookThe coloring book is illustrated by Ciruelo, a friend and one of my favorite dragon artists. He’s done an amazing job with Saphira, Thorn, Fírnen, and all the other dragons of the Inheritance Cycle! I love how he’s brought Alagaësia to life through his drawings of scenes, characters, and locations from the entire series. After so many years spent thinking about the world and the story, it’s really gratifying to share these images with you. [Read more…]

Christopher Paolini Interviews Fran Wilde

Are you a fan of flying adventures? Christopher Paolini interviews Fran Wilde in the latest addition to our guest articles and interview series. Join the two writers as they discuss the inspiration behind Fran’s debut novel, Updraft, and her upcoming book, Cloudbound. Explore how community and cultural value can uplift or suppress characters within a fictional setting, learn to embrace your weirdness as an author, and update your “To Read” list.



If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Fran’s latest releases! And don’t forget to stay up to date with Fran on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pintrest, and Tumblr!

Updraft by Fran Wilde The Jewel and Her Lapidary by Fran Wilde Cloudbound by Fran Wilde

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Q&As with Christopher: Writing Advice, Eragon Controlling Spirits, & Tenga

These questions are drawn from Christopher’s recent AMA on Reddit. We’re reposting them here for folks who haven’t seen them yet.


figgen: How many times did you go through in your mind how the final battle scenes in Inheritance would pan out? Is this something you knew from the get go, or did you approach it as soon as you started Book 4?

I probably ran through the final battles several thousand times while I was writing the series. Most of them I had a pretty good idea of how they would play out. Some of them, though, I had to actually write to figure out how they would work (Roran’s confrontation with Lord Barst, for example).

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Christopher Interviews Tamora Pierce

Join Christopher in an inspiring interview with veteran author Tamora Pierce as they discuss her career from its beginning all the way up to current projects, and offer advice for writers that are just starting out. Discover how her first novel Alanna was written while reading new sections to a group of troubled teens, how often Tamora has to rewrite her work, and why Weird Al Yankovic‘s quote “Dare to be stupid,” is a favorite in the Pierce household.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of one of Tamora’s many excellent stories!

alannatamorapierce-newcover trickstersduettamorapierce kelltamorapierce dainetamorapierce

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Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Durza

Durza, born as Carsaib, spent the early part of his life with a nomadic tribe on the plains. His father committed some act that earned him the title of “oathbreaker,” and as a result, the tribe left the family to survive alone. Eventually a group of men murdered Carsaib’s parents, leaving the boy to fend for himself. He tried to commit suicide by wandering into the desert, but the elderly sorcerer Haeg found him close to death and nursed him back to health. Carsaib, who Haeg called “Desert Rat,” eventually convinced the old man to teach him how to control spirits. They practiced magic for weeks, hunting lizards for sustenance. One day a spell malfunctioned, injuring Haeg, and Carsaib spent over a fortnight nursing Haeg back to health, only to watch bandits kill his mentor a short time later. He thought he could summon spirits to wreak vengeance on the attackers but was possessed by the spirits instead. The Shade Durza was “born.”


Nothing is known of the time before Durza encountered Galbatorix somewhere in the wilds following the death of Jarnunvösk. The Shade taught him many dark secrets (such as the spell Forsworn Kialandí later used to disrupt Oromis’s ability to access magic) and helped Galbatorix bend the first captured Eldunarí to his will. This skill was key to destroying the Dragon Rider order. [Read more…]

Get Your Brisingr Prints! The Map of Alagaësia Has Sold Out!

A big thank you to everyone for the enthusiastic response to the Map of Alagaësia prints! Christopher could never have imagined that they would sell out so quickly. For those of you that haven’t had a chance to check out his Etsy store, don’t worry, there are still Brisingr prints available. Check it out!



New Inheritance Cycle Prints: Brisingr and the Map of Alagaësia!

We’re delighted to introduce a new set of Christopher’s limited edition Inheritance Cycle art prints: Brisingr and Alagaësia! Made with archival paper and inks, these autographed giclées are a lasting gift we hope you and your loved ones will enjoy for a long time to come. Don’t wait too long to get one from our Etsy store—there are only fifty of each available!

Halloween Fun!


Shake things up and get inspired with Shurtugal’s Halloween Inheritance Cycle costume ideas (Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, and Angela and Saphira, Fírnen, and Thorn! Will you be a dragon?

Q&As with Christopher: Roran vs. Eragon, Hot Dogs vs. Tacos, and More!

Water Drops On Leaf

Most of these questions are drawn from Christopher’s recent AMA on Reddit. We’re reposting them here for folks who haven’t seen them yet.


galunid: 1. Can the name of Alagaësia change? That way Eragon could be able to return to this land. 2. Will Nasuada ever accept Eragon’s offer to visit him?

1. Yes.
2. Probably.

Kesarkulfi: Why have you made Roran the hero rather than Eragon in all aspects like being a good warrior; being the person who can influence everyone around him; who has got a family a wife and a daughter and who is now a Lord and has basically done no wrong, I mean compared to Eragon who actually cursed a child!

Roran has his flaws too: he gets angry, threatens people, etc. He has two advantages over Eragon, which make things a little easier for him: a) Roran is already grown up. He knows who he is and what he wants; he’s already passed through the awkwardness Eragon is still dealing with. And b) there are a lot of challenges Roran doesn’t have to face. Learning magic. Facing the prospect of fighting Galbatorix. Shouldering the hopes of four different races. Pairing with a dragon. And the list goes on.

That said, you’re right: Roran is impressive in his own right. But had he lived through what Eragon experienced, there’s no guarantee he would have handled it significantly better.

Good question!

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Christopher Interviews Todd Lockwood

Join Christopher and author/artist Todd Lockwood at MisCon 2016 as they discuss Todd’s debut novel The Summer Dragon! Take a peak at the cover art and one of twenty-one interior images Todd created for the book while you listen to the two fantasy enthusiasts discuss inspirations and dragons.

Visit Todd’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads to find the latest news and see his amazing art. Don’t miss out!

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