How the Inheritance Cycle Changed Lives: Stories From Readers

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As part of Fan Appreciation February, we’re collecting readers’ experiences with the series. It’s an honor to share your submissions below. If you would like to contribute one of your own, please click here. These and future stories will also reside on our Tumblr blog.

Seven years ago when I didn’t understand enough English to read books in their original language, I filled my bookshelves with books about dragons. I have loved them since I can think about it, but that was a time when I barely read anything “dragonless”.

Book 2 was just published in German, then. After i finished it, I didn’t really want to read other books in my shelf for that moment. I had read all of them within few weeks, and “Eldest” was the story I loved the most. But since I didn’t have the money to look for other good books, I had to find a solution.

That’s when I decided to start writing, too. The influence of the Inheritance cycle is clear since the story was about a boy meeting a blue-coloured she-dragon. But continueing the story, it turned to be totally different. Now, it is a trilogy about friendship and brave boys, girls and their dragon friends trying to save their village. It is absolutely not Eragon, but Inheritance inspired me to start writing it.

Book 1 was published in 2013, book 2 is finished and hopefully will follow this year. Book 3 has to be written yet, but currently I’m working on another project I really love (about griffins). I’ll finish it this month, and maybe after it I’ll be able to return to my “Dragonclaw” trilogy for the final adventures of my team.

And although I hiss every time someone says ‘Oh, a blue book about dragons? Must be like Eragon!’, I really have to thank Christopher Paolini for inspiring me and leading me into the authors’ world where I found my passion and many very good friends. Thank you so much!

       – Janika Hoffmann


I have loved the series for years, for almost half my life in fact! I’m 19 years old, and your writing has inspired me so much. I am currently writing my own series of books – which will be a duology, perhaps a trilogy if I can find inspiration for a third novel – and they are set in an Elven land, with Dragons (which are called Draygonas, meaning Fire Flyers in my Elvish language). I have created my own Elven language, as mentioned above, and my own whole new land called Bracewea, which means Broken World because of the war between the Elves and the Flyers. You were the one who inspired me to write fantasy, and sparked my love for dragons. Of course, I have been inspired by others as well, but none can compare to the motivation you have given me. I hope to finish the first in my Adventures of Asrolta duology – The Fire Flyer – very soon, although it is difficult what with my work. I just want to thank you for all you have done to help me, even if you didn’t realise it. You have affected my life in the most wonderful of ways: inspiration and creativity.

       – Beeba

When we were dropping my sister off at collage, I was having a hard time. By the time we left I was already missing her a lot, but luckily I had read Brisnger on the way to her collage and I read Inhearitance on the way back. It cheered me up and I love the series!

       – Rebecca

I read the first book with my mother and brother. We were totally in love (and still are). I have read the books and always thought about drawing the characthers. This Christmas I decided to draw Angela one of my favortie character from the books. I posted it on Twitter and a compliment to Christopher because I have enjoyed this books so much. Safe to say he said he liked the photo and even liked it. It might be a small thing, but it my day a brighter place. My mother who is also sort of a fan was amased as my brother. Thanks for giving us joy Christopher! Hope to read more books from you in the future.

       – Sigga Atla

I first read Eragon when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I had watched the movie and liked it(remember that I had nothing to compare with at that point)and my mom told me that I should read the book. At first I didn’t want to, but after about a week I said: “Fine, I’ll read it!” I can, without doubt, say that that was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. Eragon was the first book I read for pleasure, and after that my passion for reading was born. I’ve read book 1-3 at least 10 times each and book 4 once in Swedish, and I’ve also read all of them in English. The Inheritance Cycle, and every other book I’ve read, have helped me through my time in elementary school, when I was bullied. They’ve made me laugh and cry, both to the point were I could hardly breathe. They also gave birth to my two biggest dreams. The first is about being a dragon rider, just like Eragon. Even though it’s childish, I can’t bear the thought of letting it go. The secon one is about being an author myself. I love writing and reading more than anything else. Just thinking about how much it means to me is enough to bring me to the edge of crying as I’m writing this. If it wasn’t for Eragon, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m now almost 17 and my love for the boy and dragon who left their home to fight evil still burns as strong as Saphiras breath. To you, Christopher Paolini, I just want to say: thank you. Thank you for bringing me and so many others so much joy. Thank you for learning me so many great things. Thank you for turning me into the person I am today. And thank you, for giving me the courage to continue following my dreams. Thank you for everything.

       – Alva

When i was younger, i loved to read stories and write little books for my grandma to read. I told her that i loved dragons and one day she got me Eldest for my birthday. I was young and didn’t know that it was the second story in the series, but I still read it countless times. I began to always want to write and read fantasy. For Christmas two years later i got Eragon and Brisingr and read them both in less than a week. When Inheritance was released i read it in three days. Christopher inspired me to want to share my writing and start writing my own books. Since I finished the Inheritance cycle i have started my own world and my own story, and really it was all thanks to Christopher. If I hadn’t have read about Eragon and his journey, i might never have created this world and might not have ever discovered that I wanted to write fantasy. These books changed my life, letting me find out that my dream is to write, and im actually pretty good at it. Eragon will always be apart of my life, and Alageasia will always be the basis of inspiration for my works. Thank you Christopher, for making memories with my grandma and creating one of the greatest pieces of literature out there.

       – Tristen Nord

Back in Middle School I was 4 feet 5 inches and bullied a lot for various reasons; mainly for my height and ADHD. I got introduced to Eragon in 5th grade and fell in love and started to bring it to school, which the kids teased me about. As the days and months went by and I transitioned into grades 6-8, I had read Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr; falling deeper into the realm of Alagaesia and loving the books even more. But the kids’ bullying wore on me. I had no friends and not a day went by where I didn’t cry at night from the torment. But there is something that made everything a little easier. I had friends, but different friends. I had Eragon! If I had an issue or wanted to talk about my feelings I would tell Eragon. I felt like even though the characters aren’t in our world, the magic that I had and the imagination is what helped me throughout Middle School, cause I knew I always had a friend to talk to even if they couldn’t talk back. They protected me it seemed, I felt secure and felt like no matter how much I was bullied I had Eragon, if I ever thought dark thoughts I would Crack open Eragon and begin to read and jump into the world of Alagaesia. Eragon has been a part of my life for so long, and the memories run deep, that I couldn’t give up this magic for anything! Eragon has always been there and always will be there, when I was struggling Eragon was there, the magic was there, the story was there. I had met CP twice and that was beyond what I could imagine. He created something that turned out to be a priceless thing in life, and I have him to thank for it. So, Mr. Paolini, I say to you thank you for writing the Inheritance Cycle and sharing your story, for it has made an impact on my life you couldn’t possibly imagine! I can’t find words that express how grateful I am. Thank you!
Se onr sverda sitja hvass!

       – ChancierFour5

Thanks to Paolini’s amazing books (and my lack of a social life outside of the internet) I made a fan account that allowed me to meet people from across the globe. I’ve met people in Italy, Spain, and one girl from California. Eragon is so much more than a book, and it’s extremely difficult to explain to those who haven’t experienced it yet. Is it bad that I carry it around as if it was my firstborn? I hope not.

       – Lady Becca

I began writing at a fairly young age, about the age of 8 or so, and I was in love with dragons. The whole idea fascinated me about how giant beasts could in a single bound scrape the heavens and fly through clouds as light as a feather. Around the time Brisingr was published, I was sitting in a family member’s car while he read the book, and I asked him what it was about. He told me about magical things, about the Elves and Arya and Eragon, then when I asked if I could read it he said that I was too young and that I’d simply have to wait. A year later my brother came home to visit and knew I had been writing. He sat me down at the table and said that I had to figure out who this Christopher guy was. He had read an article about him, a young fifteen something bestseller, in Rolling Stone Magazine and we were both awestruck at the idea. I ran and got a copy of Eragon at the next possible opportunity, and instantly I fell in love with Alagaësa. It gave me so much more than just a story to read, it gave me an escape when trouble arose. Even today I take out my tattered (yet well loved) copies and sit down and read them. Eragon and Saphira gave me the courage I needed to write my stories, and for that, I’m eternally grateful for the Shur’tugal and his lovely Saphira.

       – Alex J. Tasker

In 2004 my mother read an article in our local paper about a young author who would be signing at our local bookstore. She suggested I go because it sounded like the kind of book I would like and the author was only 2 years older than me.

Not wanting to go to the signing knowing nothing, I bought the book, started reading, and fell in love. It was the kind of high fantasy you only find in Tolkien. I couldn’t believe someone my age had written this. Now I had to meet him.

The night of the signing I heard Christopher talk about writing Eragon. I got to ask him questions and talk to him about writing. When he signed my book he said I asked questions like a writer. I told him I had a story I’d been thinking of writing. He told him to write it and that he looked forward to reading it one day. I went home that night and started outlining a plot.

All these years later I am currently working on my third draft of that story and still remember his encouragement that night. I don’t know if I’d be as far as I am without his kind words. I know that when I publish it will be in large part due to the little push Christopher gave me back then.

       – Kelly Palmer

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