Music Month

We’ve spent a lot of time on providing tips and how-tos for aspiring writers, and we’re thrilled to showcase yet another way to stimulate your literary creativity this month. During the course of March, dubbed “Music Month”, we’re celebrating music and its effect on authors.


Think about your favorite books. What kind of music reminds you of the scenes you love most? What melodies might have inspired the storytellers while they created those tales? This month, we invite you to share playlists of songs or instrumental pieces (these can be your own compositions as well!) that best capture characters, places, scenes, or iconic items in the Inheritance Cycle. At the end of March, our favorites will be featured on

The Sounds of Alagaësia, Music Month
The Sounds of Alagaësia

Christopher’s Take

To start things off, Christopher created several playlists. The first comprises a selection of the music that he listened to repeatedly while writing the Inheritance Cycle. The second contains a few songs that really remind him of the elves of Alagaësia.

Keep an eye out later this month, as we’ll be sharing what Christopher’s been playing while working on his science fiction project.

We’ve also recruited a number of wonderful writers (Stefan Bachmann, Karen Bao, Brandon Sanderson, and more!) who will reveal how they use music to spark their imagination. Some will even put together their own playlists, so you can discover the sounds of the worlds you escape to in the pages of their books.

There is so much great content on the horizon for this month. You don’t want to miss it!

Immanuela Meijer

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