Christopher’s Writing Process: A Melodramatic Play

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We thought readers might enjoy this melodrama that Christopher wrote after the publication of Eldest in response to a question about his writing process.

The Bipolar Nature of Writing

(A one-act melodramatic play about two books in a trilogy)

By Christopher Paolini

Act I, Scene I

(First draft, Book I)
Author: Wheee! This is fun! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I love it! Mom, look, look; read this! Isn’t it wonderful?

(Second & third drafts, Book I)
Author: Argh! This book is horrible! I hate it, and I never want to look at it again! . . . (anguished howl) When will it end?

(First draft, Book II)
Author: Must . . . do . . . good . . . job. It means too much to me and my readers to mess up this book. I may be writing slower than a narcoleptic sloth trapped in tar, but I . . . will . . . do . . . a . . . good . . . job.

(Second draft, Book II)
Author: DEADLINE!!! Ahhhh! Where’s the coffee? No, no food. I ate last week. Help! DEADLINE!!!

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