Pens and Paper and Ink—Oh My!

Over the years, Christopher has amassed an impressive collection of pens, paper, and journals, used for everything from sketching to plot ideas. These tools have played an important role in bringing his stories and illustrations to life. In fact, large portions of Brisingr and Inheritance were written by hand!

Christopher’s collection of dip pens continues to grow as he experiments with various nibs, inks, and barrels. His latest favorites include two Lamy Safari fountain pens (in fine and extra fine) as well as Noodler’s Black Ink.

Readers have been the source of several of the author’s favorite notebooks, of which he always maintains three: one for ideas, another for sketches, and a final for writing. Musings, concepts, and even an illustration of the final scene from Inheritance adorn their well-used pages. His latest acquisition, a handcrafted tooled leather tome from Italy, came from Etsy.

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Mike Macauley

Mike Macauley is the founder of, editor in chief of, and author of The Inheritance Almanac. Mike can be found on Twitter at @mikemacauley.