On June 20th, tens of thousands of fans stormed Twitter using #EragonRemake and calling for Disney to make a worthy adaptation of the book series. Backed by author Christopher Paolini, fans of the Inheritance Cycle showed their support by  sharing artwork, memes, music, and personal stories of their connection to the books. The newly coined hashtag topped charts in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and even hit #1 in the U.S.! Days later, fans continue to roar. . . Will Disney listen?

Special Thanks

A very special thank you to the group of dedicated fans who worked tirelessly to organize this incredible event. Jack, who also manages the Eragon Minecraft server, stayed up all night in Australia live-streaming commentary and encouragement to fans across the globe. Another extraordinarily talented fan, Malte Wegmann, in Germany, provided the theme music that inspired fans to Bring the Thunder to Disney. (A thunder, of course, being a group of dragons.)

What’s Next?

The storm is not over until we are heard, and we will not go quietly! Keeping tagging @Disney on social media and let them know you want an #EragonRemake. And be sure to check the Twitter Storm headquarters for updates. Bring the thunder, fellow Alagaësians.

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UPDATE: July 15, 2021