One Year Anniversary Celebration – Educators & Writers Corner Highlights

It’s been a year since we launched! Here you can find a collection of exclusive Inheritance Cycle information, photo galleries, writing advice, interviews, and more. With over one hundred pieces of content, it’s easy to overlook many of the website’s hidden gems. We’re highlighting some of our favorites for our one year anniversary celebration, so let’s get started!


Are you a parent or teacher? Then come visit our Educators section, where you’ll find a host of fun projects. Discover activities for young children that help them learn by telling stories with animal crackers, measuring circles, and playing with beans. These lessons are part of our Joy of Learning at Home series that shows parents how to educate their youngsters with common household items.

The Paolinis’ hands-on approach to education played a profound role in Christopher and Angela’s upbringing. Those seeking a student’s perspective will enjoy Christopher’s article exploring the benefits of homeschooling. For his parents’ point of view, read Talita’s piece published in the Washington Post earlier this year.

Fans interested in bringing Alagaësia to life can dive into our treasure trove of themed games and projects based on the series’ six races. These party ideas include music, food, and decoration tips for each race—great for a birthday or holiday get together!


Aspiring scribes of all ages will find a wealth of advice and information in the Writers Corner. Christopher’s Ten Tips for Writers and Fifty Writing Prompts are great for students. Other articles discuss dilemmas you may encounter while working on a project, with suggestions for getting past writer’s block and thoughts on story and worldbuilding. And we offer guidance on how to get published.

When you need inspiration, consider delving into the worlds of some of Christopher’s favorite authors, or plug in a pair of headphones to enjoy musical playlists compiled by Brandon Sanderson, Rachel Hartman, and Inheritance Cycle readers.

Our collection of content exploring the invented languages of the Inheritance Cycle—including grammar guides, dictionaries, and origins—reveals the challenges involved with constructing native languages for a fantasy world.

Christopher’s essay on Elva’s transformation into the character fans know and love sheds light on how a plot evolves throughout the writing process.

Over the years, fans have written Christopher to ask for writing advice. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions in the articles mentioned above and hope they empower you to create worlds of your own!


We’re grateful for your continued support and look forward to releasing more exciting content in the weeks and months to come! As always, we invite you to share website-related feedback and ideas on our various social media platforms.

Mike Macauley

Mike Macauley is the founder of, editor in chief of, and author of The Inheritance Almanac. Mike can be found on Twitter at @mikemacauley.