After the Debut Year: What’s in Store for!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the content we’ve highlighted throughout the past month. From stand-out guests and artists to exclusive deleted scenes from the Cycle, there’s plenty for you to discover. Now, with an incredible debut year behind us, it’s time take a peek at what’s in’s future!

The Not-So-Distant Future

Our audio pronunciation guide is almost here! We compiled your recommendations into a list of tricky Inheritance Cycle words for Christopher to record. The feature should help prevent you from tripping over toughies like “thardsvergûndnzmal” and “weohnataî” . . . but we make no guarantees!

Have you enjoyed peering into the world of Alagaësia through Christopher’s artwork? You’ll be delighted to hear that we’ll be adding additional illustrations as well as drawing guides and demonstrations.

Can’t get enough of the Inheritance Cycle? Neither can we! More installments in our popular Encyclopedia Alagaësia series, which offers an in-depth look at the people and places populating Eragon’s world, are headed your way! Who’s up next? Morzan! Plus, tidbits of information will continue trickling out as Christopher answers your questions in future Q&As.

The Writers Corner and Educators section will soon be bursting at the seams with advice and lessons for you to gobble up! Find homeschooling activities to keep your child busy during winter in our Joy of Learning series, and kick-start new projects with Christopher’s upcoming essays on plotting stories and the importance of reading classics.

Scoot over to make room for familiar guests! The next author to chat with Christopher is Garth Nix, creator of the award-winning Old Kingdom series! The pair delve into invaluable advice for aspiring writers, including how to work with another person on the same novel.

Grab your space suit – it’s almost time to take to the stars! Christopher’s sci-fi novel progress updates indicate that the first draft of the manuscript is nearly complete. You’ll be the first to know when it’s finished!

Giveaway Winners

Below are the lucky winners of our recent autographed Inheritance Cycle boxed set and book plate giveaways. Thank you for participating!

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