Q&As with Christopher: What Happened to Naegling, Female Riders, and Resettling Doru Araeba

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What happened to the Dauthdaert? Did Eragon take it with him?

What happened to the Dauthdaert? Destroyed in the explosion.

Was there a specific point to having Roran fight without his hammer for most of the battle of Urû’baen?

Yes. As with Eragon, I wanted to remove all of Roran’s advantages. I wanted to remove his most prominent strength so that he had an even greater struggle than he would have otherwise.

Why didn’t Eragon revive Doru Araeba? To me it seems like it would have made more sense to clean the air with the ancient language and revitalize the land there than running away to find land that may or may not exist….

Yes, Eragon could have removed spells easily enough from Doru Areaba, but the radiation from the blast there contaminated the entire island. That would have required an enormous amount of energy to clean up. Also, Eragon doesn’t know what all of the spells on the island do, and don’t forget, there are still people living there, along with the burrow grubs and shadow birds. Would Eragon kill all of the grubs and birds to make it safe for hatchlings? Besides, ultimately, even if Vroengard was habitable, staying wasn’t a good idea for Eragon — he was too strong, too disruptive a force, and he knew it.

Is Arya the first female Dragon Rider?

Nope. There were as many female Riders as male. (I actually went back and tweaked the text of Eragon to make this clearer.) The Riders Andumë, Naeridana, Formora, Galzra, Jura, and Beroan were all women. The names make it hard to tell, though.

What do you think would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse in Alagaësia?

Saphira would get fat and happy.

Saphira is a very feminine character. At times, she reminded me a bit of Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, although she’s more motherly. Why did you make your dragon a ‘girl’?

I never had any doubt about Saphira’s gender. So often dragons are portrayed as evil, aggressive–and male–creatures. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if a little dragon hatches and it turns out to be a “she.” You’ll notice that the females in Eragon are strong, Saphira included. That helps to balance the fact that the hero and many of the characters are male.

Part of what makes Saphira so appealing is that Eragon cares for her from the moment she hatches. And when she is able, she tries to care for him. This makes their relationship very different than if he had suddenly joined up with an age-old dragon.

@Sparkygirl18: Was Eragon 18 years old by the end of Inheritance?

Roughly, yes.

@Ramziyahh: Why is everyone’s mum dead in the series?

Well, not Arya’s … oh, wait. To be fair, most of the fathers are dead too.

@Ramziyahh: How much older was Fäolin than Arya? How old was Arya when they met?

Quite a bit older. Arya was in her twenties or so when she left Du Weldenvarden.

@ChipmunkChang: Did you ever feel like the original prophecy (Angela’s) kind of restricted you from having more ending possibilities? Any regrets?

Not at all. Still got to write the book I wanted to.

@JacobPDobson: When Brom was killed by the dagger why he didn’t have wards to protect him?

He did (lots of ‘em), but it was a dagger Galbatorix had enchanted for the Ra’zac.

@Tactic54: What happened with the sword Naegling? Did someone take it along with all the power inside it?



@No_hay_piedad: How many pages should one chapter have?

Anywhere between 1 and 1,000. (1,001 is just waaay too many, though.)

@Brooklyn_indian: Christopher Handwalker.

I went on tour for Eldest with a toe I broke on a doorknob while walking on my hands. Lol.

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