Q&As with Christopher: Dragon Blood, Character Voices, and Prophecies

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@Ramziyahh: Had Fäolin not died, could there still have been a chance for Eragon/Arya in the future?

No. It would have been harder for any romance between E/A.

How much of a secret are the Eldunarí? It seems many people now know of them.

They’re much less of a secret now than they used to be.

Is Eragon still the only one capable of thinking of/remembering the Rock of Kuthian? Does Glaedr know where it is, as he’s been there, even if he forgets the name?

After Galbatorix’s death, everyone can remember where the Rock of Kuthian is.

Did Eragon or Arya keep the fairth he made? And where is it kept?

Yes, Arya kept it.

If a person attempted to abandon a dragon who just hatched for him/her, how would the Riders make sure that that person won’t try to abandon it?

I imagine they would grab him or her and lock said person in a room until they came to their senses.

Has there ever been a rainbow-colored dragon besides the Spectral Dragon?

That’s a topic for another story.

Is Eragon the first leader of the Riders whose dragon wasn’t white?

There have been many leaders of the Riders whose dragons weren’t white. I just like the symmetry of having both Eragön (the elf) and Vrael have white dragons. The beginning and the end.

Roughly how many Riders were there shortly before the Fall and also, how powerful was an average Rider in comparison to Eragon?

There were quite a few Riders before the fall. At least several hundred. As for Eragon, with the Eldunarí he’s stronger than any Rider before. Without, he’s about equal with any elf Rider.

I was wondering how superior Oromis was during his time in the Riders. It was mentioned that he was a part of the council who refused Galbatorix’s plea for a second dragon and that he also trained Morzan and Brom. Was he one of the more superior Riders or an average fully trained Rider?

Oromis was widely respected as a Rider and as a teacher. He wasn’t necessarily the greatest Rider ever, but he was definitely one to listen to.

Do all dragons’ blood burn? I remember at times Thorn’s blood would fall on homes and people below, and they would burst into flames. Does that apply to all dragons or just Thorn?

Unless they’re sick, yes. Dragons are pretty hot-blooded after all. 🙂

Would you say the elvish way of life is kind of like an image of how a perfect human way of life would be, or something close to it?

No, because the elves are also rather bloodless. If you really think about it, the elves would be pretty annoying to live with — sort of like having a roommate who knows it all and always acts as if she or he is better than you. The elves aren’t an ideal vision of how humans ought to be. They’re simply different, and neither better nor worse. Same for the dwarves and the Urgals. Although, that said, I think my dwarves are closer to humans than the other races.

What accents would you say the characters have?

I’d say the elves have more of a Scandinavian lilt to their voices; the dwarves a more Russian/Eastern European accent; Nasuada, Ajihad, and the wandering tribes a bit more exotic (hard to describe — partially Japanese and partially other sources); the humans various accents depending on the location they’re from.

@Flamehalf: Rereading Eragon via audiobook – the version I’m listening to has Saphira with a guttural tone. Is that correct?

I always imagined her with a smoother tone myself.

@Babs_grachet: Which would you prefer, an Inheritance video game or movie?



@DaveKrawn: Will we find out more about Angela in Book Five, or can you just tell us who she is?

You’ll find out a lot more. 😀

@LGBTQPrideLoyal: Will we ever find out if Eragon and Arya get together?


Brom once said that prophecies could be changed. Was that a hint that the prophecy will not prove true?

Yes, you’re right, prophecy/premonitions don’t always prove true, especially the further into the future they’re going.


@Kelly_D_Palmer: When you need to feel better or more confidant, just walk around with a sword. I bet @Paolini does this sometimes.

Yes, I can vouch for this. Carrying a sword around does wonders for your confidence.

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