Artist Kim Kincaid: Spotlight Tribute

Art is a cornerstone in Christopher’s life, both as a source of writing inspiration and as a hobby he strives to improve. Over the years, the Inheritance Cycle has, in turn, moved many artist-fans to create their own versions of Alagaësia and its inhabitants.

One of these artists is Kim Kincaid. Her work is among Christopher’s favorites, not only for the skilled composition but for the mood it evokes. The Utah-based fantasy artist returned to her craft late in life, but quickly refined her technique to such a degree that she was featured in Spectrum and Imagine FX Magazine. Kim passed away unexpectedly last year, and we wanted to take a moment to honor her life and legacy.

Inheritance Cycle Work by Kim Kincaid

In an interview with Agnes Meszaros for, Kim explained how her creative journey began:

Kim Kincaid
Kim Kincaid, photo courtesy

About 12-13 years ago, as our last child showed signs of leaving the nest, I started contemplating what I wanted to do with my life since I was facing unemployment as a mother. 30+ years ago when I was in college, my major was art. I dabbled a bit here and there while raising my kids but nothing resembling dedicated study and practice. I was extremely rusty but there was a spark that was fueled each time I tried drawing something and soon the passion I felt long ago ignited. I began with fan art, mostly LOTR since the movies were all the rage. I entered a few online contests and won a few awards. I began taking classes, as many as I could afford. I just kept at it and started getting jobs. Those jobs led to others. I remember one day I ran into an old acquaintance and when she asked what I did, I blurted out, “I’m an artist”. This declaration resonated within and from that moment on, each artistic endeavor took on new meaning for me.

Unfortunately, Kim’s portfolio website has been hacked since her death, so visitors can no longer see her work there. We’ve collected an assortment of her pieces below. If you would like to see more, check out her blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, or Every Day Original’s main site and blog. Or just search for her images online. You can also read Dan Dos Santos’s moving tribute on Muddy Colors.

“Kim was one of the first people to make any sort of serious fan art based off the Inheritance Cycle. It was such a treat to see her work pop up on the internet over the years. She captured the feel of the characters in a way few have; her interpretation of Saphira, for example, is one of my absolute favorites. Kim even came to some of my events, and she was lovely in person. Unfortunately, we lost touch over the years, so I had no idea she had become a professional illustrator (despite getting the Spectrum books each year). In retrospect, I’m not surprised. Her skill was undeniable. It was very sad for my family and I to hear of her passing. Kim would be surprised, I think, to know how many lives she touched, both through her art and through who she was as a person.”

~ Christopher Paolini

Some Other Works by Kim Kincaid
May the stars watch over you, Kim.


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