Now Available: Barnes and Noble’s Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Eragon!

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings Friends!

Along with my newly published novel—The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm—I’m delighted to share that Barnes & Noble’s Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Eragon is now available.

BN Edition Now AvailableWhat makes this edition so special? I’m so glad you asked! It contains just shy of FIFTY PAGES of additional material. These include the following:

  • Deleted scenes from Murtagh’s point of view. These were in the original, self-published edition of Eragon and haven’t seen the light of day since.
  • A digitally painted, full-color map of Alagaësia. (It’s absolutely gorgeous.)
  • A 20th anniversary retrospective letter from yours truly on the writing of Eragon.
  • An extensive behind-the-scenes Q&A on names, languages, characters, dragons, and various other aspects of the world of Alagaësia.
  • Large amounts of concept art for the map: Saphira’s eye, the dwarf runes, the Liduen Kvaedhí (elves’ writing system), and the yawë symbol.
  • A never-before-seen look at the very first hand-written page of Eragon, as well as selected images of early plotting and editing.

Overall, I’m extremely proud of this edition. Whether you’ve read Eragon a dozen times or you’re just picking it up, this makes for a wonderful, in-depth look at the world of Alagaësia. Plus, as I said before . . . Murtagh deleted scenes!

All the best from Montana. And as always, may your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini is the author of the international bestsellers Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, as well as The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm. Murtagh is now available and marks the highly anticipated return to the World of Eragon. His debut science fiction novel, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, came out in September 2020 and its prequel, Fractal Noise, was released in May 2023. He resides in Paradise Valley, Montana, USA.

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