Booktuber Interviews with Christopher!

You may have noticed Christopher has been very active on YouTube and social media lately, posting lots of updates, pictures of Chiara the cat, and of course, promoting To Sleep In a Sea of Stars. Some of that exciting new content includes exclusive interviews with BookTubers Daniel Greene, Merphy Napier, and Tim Hickson! Christopher was delighted to sit down with each one to chat about his upcoming book, tips for aspiring authors, fantasy/sci-fi, book recommendations, beard growing, social media, and more.

The interview with popular BookTuber Daniel Greene is a fantastic two-parter. The first appeared on Daniel’s channel and the second on Christopher’s. One of the highlights was when Daniel discussed the process of working on his debut novel. Christopher offered advice on how to approach the arduous journey of creating a book, from the writing itself to worldbuilding, editing, and publishing. You can find more of Daniel’s reviews by visiting his YouTube channel.

The focus of the interview with Merphy Napier was motivation for aspiring authors! Merphy had a wonderful set of questions for Christopher on how to stay motivated when working on a difficult project. Other topics included time-management, good habits, staying focused, and much more. Be sure to check out her channel for more awesome “bookish” content.

Tim Hickson is a popular New Zealander BookTuber whose channel Hello Future Me has almost 700,000 subscribers! He and Christopher had a lively discussion about book titles/ideas/themes, Doctor Who references, “drama,” rough drafts, and criticism. Time-stamps pinned at the top of the video’s comment section link to more topics. Tim also self-published a book on worldbuilding that has sold about 20,000 copies so far! You can check out more about him here.

And each of these conversations with the delightful Booktubers would not have been complete without a thorough discussion about To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, Christopher’s upcoming science fiction behemoth! It’s a massive space opera, full of spaceships, lasers, aliens, explosions, and of course. . . tentacles. And it’s the story of Kira, a courageous woman facing overwhelming odds as she journeys through a galaxy of adventure. Regarding the creation of To Sleep, Christopher has said,

“I really wanted to capture the sense of wonder I feel when looking up at the stars at night—as well as the sense of optimism I feel when imagining humanity’s future as we expand into space. I’ve spent over seven years working on this book—figuring out the science, the characters, and most importantly, the story—and I can’t wait for you to read it.”

Just a reminder, Christopher has his own YouTube channel filled with fun content and tips for aspiring writers. Head on over to see what Christopher will share next!