A New Website! header

We are delighted to announce the debut of an all new website featuring To Sleep in a Sea of Stars and everything Fractalverse:! We’ve been hard at work for months, filling the site with nugget after nugget of encyclopedic information about the universe and its inhabitants. You’ll also find cool content like a curated gallery of fan art, concept art commissioned by Christopher, songs inspired by the Fractalverse, and perhaps even an easter egg now and then. . . .

The Wiki

Can’t remember just where a favorite character visited? Need a refresher on the names of the Wallfish crew members? Wondering what planets and moons colonies are found on? Now you have an easy place to check. And you’ll discover loads of new information as well!

The Concept Art

Sprinkled throughout, you’ll find stunning images by Hollywood’s finest artists. See Falconi’s Wallfish, the dreaded nightmares, the Soft Blade, ever-hungry Trig, Kira’s magnificent Unity, and more. See a collection of the latest here.

The Fan Art

The concept art reflects one vision of the world. As you read the books, you might imagine things differently. That’s wonderful too. We’d love to see your unique vision of the Fractalverse. . . so we’ve created a place to showcase your creativity. Click to see the ever-growing collection of curated pieces, presented with each artist’s permission.

The Music

Talented voice actress Jennifer Hale, of Mass Effect fame, narrated the U.S. audiobook edition of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars to much acclaim. So immersed in the Fractalverse, she and her writing partner Todd Herfindal composed and performed three songs, each one capturing a different aspect of the book and universe.

Easter Eggs?

Yes, there may be one or two. . . .


We hope you enjoy and all it has to offer. There will be many updates in the not-so-distant future, so please stay tuned!