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Christopher Paolini Interviews Fran Wilde

Are you a fan of flying adventures? Christopher Paolini interviews Fran Wilde in the latest addition to our guest articles and interview series. Join the two writers as they discuss the inspiration behind Fran's debut novel, Updraft, and her upcoming … [Read more]

Q&As with Christopher: Writing Advice, Eragon Controlling Spirits, & Tenga

These questions are drawn from Christopher's recent AMA on Reddit. We're reposting them here for folks who haven't seen them yet. INHERITANCE CYCLE figgen: How many times did you go through in your mind how the final battle scenes in … [Read more]

Christopher Interviews Tamora Pierce

Join Christopher in an inspiring interview with veteran author Tamora Pierce as they discuss her career from its beginning all the way up to current projects, and offer advice for writers that are just starting out. Discover how her first novel … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alaga√ęsia: Durza

Durza, born as Carsaib, spent the early part of his life with a nomadic tribe on the plains. His father committed some act that earned him the title of "oathbreaker," and as a result, the tribe left the family to survive alone. Eventually a group of … [Read more]