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Q&As with Christopher: Elf Fertility, Homeschooling, & Dragons in Modern Times

Hello all! Here is another batch of questions gathered from social media, along with Christopher's answers in italics. As always, feel free to post your queries on his Twitter or Facebook, and he'll do his best to answer. INHERITANCE … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Dragons

OVERVIEW Dragons have lived in Alagaësia for as long as the continent itself has existed. Dwarven myth credits the gods Urûr and Morgothal with their creation, but regardless of whether the dragons’ origins are mythical in nature or not, they are … [Read more]

Q&As with Christopher: Book Five’s Villain, Writing Daily, Character Connection, & Names

Here is the second batch of questions we collected from Christopher's Facebook Q&A in February! Keep an eye out for our next installment and don't forget to peruse our Q&As archive for hundreds of answers to fans' most pressing (and hairsplitting) … [Read more]

San Diego, California: Meet Christopher Today!

Come say hi! Christopher will be giving a talk and signing at Changing Hands Bookstore in San Diego, California today at 7 PM. This marks the end of his tour for The Official Eragon Coloring Book, but don't despair if you can't make it! He will … [Read more]