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Christopher Interviews Todd Lockwood

Join Christopher and author/artist Todd Lockwood at MisCon 2016 as they discuss Todd's debut novel The Summer Dragon! Take a peak at the cover art and one of twenty-one interior images Todd created for the book while you listen to the two fantasy … [Read more]

Christopher is Going to the Czech Republic!

Come one, come all to the Humbook Festival in Prague! Christopher will be giving a presentation, answering questions, and signing books there on October 15th from 4PM until 6PM. For those of you who speak Czech, please visit the Humbook website … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Barst

Nothing is known of Barst's early years except that he was the son of Berengar and that he was rumored to have killed a wounded ox with a single punch. Whether inherited or awarded, his earldom included an estate nearby Gil'ead. He had a … [Read more]

Christopher Interviews Kevin J. Anderson

In this interview filmed during MisCon 2015, join Christopher and veteran author Kevin J. Anderson as they discuss Kevin's many works and his insights into the publishing industry. How many times were his books rejected by editors? How many novels … [Read more]