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Q&As with Christopher: Elva’s Eyes, Dragon Rider Qualities, and a Mysterious Castle

INHERITANCE CYCLE How did Arya, who was born a year before the fall of the Riders, remember the name Rock of Kuthian? Honestly, I don't remember the exact year Arya was born off the top of my head. She was born either just before the battle on … [Read more]

Christopher Interviews Richard Paul Evans

Christopher’s guest in today’s interview is Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box, The Walk series, and the Michael Vey series. Follow the story of how Richard self-published a wildfire hit—well before the advent of Amazon or e-books—and … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Birgit

Birgit and her husband, farmer/brewer Quimby, settled in Carvahall to raise their offspring (Nolfavrell and several other children not named in the Inheritance Cycle). Things irrevocably changed when Quimby intervened in a bar fight between two … [Read more]

Q&As with Christopher: Murtagh’s Popularity, Ra’zac Swords, and Galbatorix’s Bond with Shruikan

INHERITANCE CYCLE In Eldest, Arya told Islanzadí and her court that she did not reveal the location of the elven cities to Galbatorix. Why didn't the members of the Forsworn who were elves tell Galbatorix the location of these cities? The magic … [Read more]