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Q&As with Christopher: Memorable Experiences, Oromis and Bowie, and Scrying a Changed Place

BOOK FIVE @Patajamon32: When do you plan to write Book 5? Christopher: Not until I finish with my other writing projects. It’s something I definitely want to write, though! Rider_of_Moonlight: Can you tell us the gender of the main character … [Read more]

Christopher Interviews Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb has written some of fantasy's most compelling stories, including the Liveship Traders trilogy, the Farseer trilogy, and more. Christopher and Robin sat down together during MisCon 2016 in Missoula, Montana, to discuss some of the things … [Read more]

Christopher’s DragonCon Recap!

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings Friends! Yowza! I just returned home to Montana after attending my first DragonCon in Atlanta. Fellow author Brandon Sanderson convinced me to go earlier in the year . . . and boy am I glad that I did. What a great … [Read more]

Encyclopedia Alagaësia: Urû’baen a.k.a. Ilirea

Urû’baen was the capital of Galbatorix’s Empire. Originally called Ilirea, it was founded by the elves when they first arrived in Alagaësia, and then abandoned after it was partially destroyed during the Dragon War. The Fair Folk allowed the … [Read more]