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Q&As with Christopher: the Map, Sci-fi vs Fantasy, and Writing Good Battle Scenes

INHERITANCE CYCLE Morzaniant: 1) Will we ever see the rest of Alagaesia put on a map? And if so, are there any other large-scale civilizations? 2) Will the next book let us see (on a map)/go to the other continent(s?) on the planet? The rest of … [Read more]

Christopher’s Interview with Dog Eared Reads

Listen to Christopher's recent interview with Kodiak Public Library Association's "Dog Eared Reads," a radio show hosted by KMXT in Kodiak, Alaska! Christopher and his family used to live in the USA's most northern state prior to relocating to … [Read more]

Christopher Interviews Howard Tayler

Join Christopher and web comic creator/artist Howard Tayler as they discuss how Howard got his start, how he approaches his art, and what advice he offers writers just starting out, such as addressing mental health challenges. Don't forget to … [Read more]

Educators Relaunch

Greetings friends! My team and I have spent the past few months redesigning the Educators’ section of our website. It now contains a host of Eragon-themed projects and materials that teachers, librarians, and parents can use to help spark a love … [Read more]