Community Highlights: Crafts, “Brewfest,” Tattoos, and More!

The Inheritance Cycle community celebrates discussion and creativity by frequently sharing theories, stories, and art across social media and fan websites. We set out to highlight some of the projects we’ve come across since the launch of

Exciting News and Community Discussions

community highlightsReaders embraced the opportunity to discuss exciting news and revelations related to Christopher’s future projects as two new videos were released and a new Alagaësia holiday was invented:

  • Fans in search of new “Book 5” information were delighted to speculate about Christopher’s recent “Book 5” video, in which he discussed a future return to Alagaësia.
  • Speculation ran rampant on Twitter and Facebook following the release of Christopher’s first video discussing his latest project, a sci-fi novel.
  • Readers declared their favorite Riders, dragons, leaders, villains, and race in a series of polls on Were your favorites able to hold their ground?
  • encouraged fans to participate in the creation of “Brewfest,” a fan-built Alagaësian holiday celebrating the fall season. Recipes were shared, stories were told, and merriment was had!

Community Creations

pnet-community-creationsThe Inheritance community is full of creative and talented individuals who often showcase their appreciation for the books in a variety of different ways. Readers shared their creations, ranging from dragon eggs and carved pumpkins to jewelry and tattoos, on social media, where we were able to find many projects to highlight:

  • Just as Eragon discovered Saphira’s egg, fans were given the opportunity to have a dragon egg of their own thanks to a crafting tutorial released on Fan-made eggs abound: @urfoldingstars, @HoshiYozora, @LESilverguard, @mord_sith87, @Kelthehobbit, @Samucuba, and @MojoMagic3.
  • Readers used Alagaësia-inspired stencils from and other resources to carve festive Halloween pumpkins: @MojoMagic3 carved the Eragon “E” logo, Andrew B. (@akbeck98) carved Saphira’s eye, and @4Sick4Twisted found a Glaedr pumpkin carved by Fantasy Pumpkins.
  • To celebrate Brisingr’s 6th anniversary, Inheritance fan Kit H. (@hotbloodedyouth) dressed as Arya and shared photos of her homemade costume on Twitter.
  • Elf-friend “Saphy_98” created a yawë necklace in her school laboratory.
  • @ChantsUnleashed imbued his bedroom walls with the power of the Ancient Language.
  • Kiers (@AppleJuiceQueen) combined Brisingr, the yawë, and her favorite description of Angela into a stunning tattoo.
  • Like Eragon, Tumblr user “AHumbleMonologue” carries Glaedr’s heart and soul with a beautiful Glaedr tattoo.

Readers seeking discussions and an outlet to share their creativity with others can find fan-havens in a variety of places, including the official Twitter and Facebook accounts, Christopher’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the fan community

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