Music: Malte Wegmann

Image courtesy The Inheritance Project.

We are delighted to present the work of Malte Wegmann, one of the most dedicated and inspired fans of the Inheritance Cycle. Entirely of his own accord, Malte has taken it upon himself to create the Inheritance Project: a collection of Alagaësia themed music. Later he teamed up with Jake Smidt and other artists to widen the scope of the project and include artwork of all kinds. The pieces call to mind the soaring peaks of the Beor Mountains, the cozy village of Carvahall, the towering buildings of Uru’baen, and the carpeted forests of Du Weldenvarden. Listen below. Wegmann’s Inheritance Project

Inspired? Now you can participate as well! Add your voice to the choir embodying the soul of Alagaësia. Malte is looking for as many singers as possible to lend their harmony to the latest song. Malte says:

One of my next big projects is “Darmthrellar Pömnurian”—a war chant the soldiers of the Empire regularly sing to hype themselves up or intimidate their enemies. Roughly translated as “My Brothers,” the song is about the honor and strength it takes to guard the people of the Empire. It will be a dark piece similar in feel to “Vode An.” I recorded a rough draft to give you an idea of what I’m going for. All are welcome to participate, and I hope it’s a project that everyone in the fandom can join so we can grow together even more! I’m especially looking for deep bass/baritones, but I will try to find a place for every single voice. If you decide to participate, everything you need is below. Send your recording via WeTransfer to If possible, try to record in 48kHz.wav, but all lossless formats are accepted. Try to get ambient noise during the recording down, but it doesn’t have to be a crystal clear studio recording. Thank you, everyone!

You can view and download a PDF of the song here. Roughly translated, the lyrics are:

Oh, Darmthrellar pömnuria!
Oh, my brothers!

Midhring sanar Alagaesias!
Humble sons of Alagaesia!

Vae varda deloi undir solus
We guard the soil under the sun

Vae varda onr breoalar.
We guard our families.

Oh, Darmthrellar pömnuria!
Oh, my brothers!

Midhring sanar Alagaesias!
Humble sons of Alagaesia!

Vae havr ramr svartr blödh.
We have strong, black blood.

Vae weohnata ethgrí verkr.
We will invoke pain.

Vae eru thinar unin fjandya kalfiars.
We are the thorns in the calves of our enemies.

Therr weohnata drukna unin harmr.
They will be drowned in sorrow.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Malte via email, Twitter, or Instagram. If you choose to participate, please send your sound files (in WAV 16-bit 44.1 kHz, MP3, FLAC, or AAC format) to him at via WeTransfer.

And if you like the art you see below, it’s available as downloadable wallpaper, courtesy the Inheritance Project and Jake Smidt. May your swords stay sharp! Wegmann’s Inheritance Project




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