Fan Community’s Inheritance Cycle Creations

Many fans have found inspiration in the world of Alagaësia, driving them to create their own Inheritance Cycle creations, ranging from body art to video game builds. In this article, we highlight some of the community’s incredible actions and contributions.

shurtugalmod, cycle creations

Minecraft servers

Longing to take to the skies, a group of fans modified Minecraft (a building and adventure video game) to include the “Shur’tugal Mod,” which offers aspiring Dragon Riders the opportunity to bond with, fly, and fight alongside their dragons. Players can discover legendary items such as Roran’s hammer, Rider swords, and dragon eggs while exploring.

minecraftserver, cycle creations

Shur’tugal Minecraft Mod

Further excited by the possibility of bringing the fictional world to life, readers have also used Minecraft to build Alagaësia, molding the mountains, valleys, rivers, and cities that form Eragon and Saphira’s homeland one virtual block at a time. Team members regularly share updates and photos of their progress on Twitter and fan blogs.

fanart, cycle creations

Fan Art

The details of Christopher’s world are brought to life through the beautiful illustrations of many dedicated artists. Their work can be found on DeviantArt and, as well as on Twitter, where Christopher often posts the pieces he most enjoys.

kidsandpets, cycle creations

Children and Pets Named After Characters

Several readers have named their children or pets after the cycle’s iconic characters. Proud parents have shared the news of a newborn Roran or Arya, and other fans crowed about their pets, such as Angela the cat and Saphira the dog.

tattoos, cycle creations

Inheritance Cycle Tattoos

Many have expressed their love for the series with body art. Shur’tugal has compiled a gallery of some of these tattoos. There you’ll see such things as Glaedr emblazoned on a reader’s back and Saphira guarding another fan’s forearm.

fanprojects, cycle creations

Fan Projects

We also recently featured two notable Inheritance Cycle community undertakings: the forging of Zar’roc and a hand-made “Book of Fans,” both given to the author by appreciative readers.

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